Full Sail University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Just a person who really loves any type of art and can see themselves working in that field. The one thing about this school is you have to love what you do to succeed if you dont like it or your not sure you might want to take some time to figure it out before you come here.


Attendees would do best to steal themselves. This is a school with courses geared towards the ambitious. The more you put into your work, the more you gain from your experiences. It’s all about the love of your chosen craft here.


Fun, hard working, ready for life person that want to go places and do things with what they learn.


Ambitious and determined, willing to work, and must enjoy working on a computer for extended periods of time.


A person with dilligence, dedication, understanding and full time commitment should only at. You should always have a schedule where as you can complete your academic venture without over-stressing yourself at the same time. Stay attentive, make friends, get in contact with student advisors and always stay focused.


I believe that only students who really wish to percieve their dream career should attend Full Sail, i can honestly say it is not an easy school. One must work hard to stay on task and always keep in mind the reason you are in such a great university. Respect it and follow your dream, do not get sidetracked because you can achieve greatness. Once after graduated you could work in the film industry, or recording media, or television. These kind of careers are exciting and achievable for anyone, who believes in themselves.


I would say that anyone who goes to this school has to have passion for his/her field of study and the determination to be one of the best and grow everyday.


Any person who is passionate about pursuing a career in media arts, web design, stage production, film production, game development, recording arts, and music business. Those who make it through are a part of a faternity of people who are working in the entertainment industry. Full Sail graduates are highly respected in the entrtainment industry. If you can see the forest for the trees I would recommend Full Sail.


I would say creative people should attend this school.


A person who has a desire to pour out their hearts into a dream that could be made a reality, if they put their mind to it.


A person like me who wants to work in the entertainment business! Full Sail has top of the line instruction in learning all aspects to be successful in the film industry: building sets, operating/maintenance of the lighting equipment, shooting of films. Full Sail has its own back lot where a lot of instruction takes place.


The kind of people who should attend this school are creative, hard working, open minded individuals. People who can step out of their comfort zones and addapt to an ever changing industry and culture should attend this school.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be very outgoing, hard working and artistic. Full Sail is based around media arts. Anyone who loves music, film, video games and digital art should most definitely attend this school. It is awesome!


Anyone who is looking to experience real world industry equipment and hands on education.


This school is for a person who is highly motivated and knows exactly what they would like to accomplish in school and in life. I attended a traditional art school and found that I was not motivated at all due to their approach on learning, requiring that you take core classes which lasted several hours and then having you take classes that are actually crucial to your degree only lasting 2 hours at the. A person who wants to learn their passion without wasting time in other fields should definitely choose this school, they take the hands on approach.


I attend this school online, so if they chose to attend online, they must be dedicated and organized. I have a wild imagination and am daring and creative. This school is not for anyone who wishes to change the world by being a math teacher or a doctor, this school is for someone who wishes to change the world through art. They wish to change the world through music and entertainment. If you have a wild dream of being who you've always wanted to be-this is your school.


Full Sail University is a college for creative and driven people passionate about pursuing a career in the entertainment business industry.


Someone who has a desire to see the best in themselves and grow not just as a student but as a person. Also have a passion for technological equipment, if not the school is still able to be completed but enjoyment will not be as high.


The type of person who should attend Full Sail University is someone who has determination and is willing to work hard. This school is a hard school but a lot of fun. Someone who has the passion and drive for film/tv. Full Sail is one of the top Film schools in the country and anyone who attends this school should be very grateful because I know I will be.


Those who really want to work in the entertainment industry (and are 100% sure). Is a lot of work, but if it is what you want, you will love it.

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