Full Sail University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That it was available online for Media Communications.


Actually, I was very well-informed about starting classes at Full Sail University. The student liason made sure that I knew everything before my start date. If I had questions, a simple email would take care of it. The staff at Full Sail keeps in contact with you throughout your courses and makes sure your grades are not slipping. They are very encouraging and concerned.


Nothing Really I did my research before selecting the school for it the marketing program, although I did not select it solo for that but because I could develop my business skill's more by meeting up with people with interact with the school.


I wish i had known more about financial aid and tuitions. Here i am trying to scrape money out of the couch cushions at the last second!


I felt very prepared when I came to this school. I had done a lot of research into this school before I decided to attend. I was looking into several different schools, before I decided on this one.


I wish I had come sooner.


There hasn't been anything I've come across that has made me think "I wish I'd known that sooner."


I wish I would have known how difficult it sometimes can be to get ahold of my professors; however, I keep from stressing by reading over the assignments as soon as they are assigned. That way, I can ask any questions I may have many days prior to the assignments' due dates.


The main thing I wish I had known before I came to Full Sail is how to use a Mac. They send you a MacbookPro for you to utilize during schooling, and switching from Windows to Mac is quite a challange. I only wish I knew more about the Mac interface before I had to start my classes.


I wish I knew how to play an instrument before I came to Full Sail University. This school is full of creative and artistic students trying to break into the entertainment business. Many of the students that go to this university play instruments and are in bands that I would love to be apart of. Knowing how to play something would of given me better networking opportunities.


I wish I was better at math. Trig and pre-cal didn't work out so well in high school.


Its monthly class schedule


I do not believe there is any one thing that I wish I had known prior to attending Full Sail, with the exception of how much college costs. Upon receiving a brochure for Full Sail I found out all I could about the school and I knew right off that this was the place for me to be! And how right I am!


i wish i had known how hard it was to live on my own. Full Sail doesn't offer on campus housing so it is required to get an apartment. I am a full time student and i don't have time to get a job, so it's really hard to live a comfortable life.


I wish I would have had a better grasp on what my living expenses and tuition was going to be like. I had a good idea what it was going to be like but it is a total different story once I started. I have learned a lot from this school, I just wish I knew more what it was going to do to me financially.


I wish I knew that I would need more money than I initially planned.


Before I came to this school or even before I had graduated I wish I would have known how hard it was going to be to get funding for school. I would have started sooner and done as much as humanly possible to get funding to attend school, I would have had to have worked 2 full-time jobs to just afford living expenses. I wish I would have known more ways to get funding as well.


Full Sail was very thorough and clear about their program demands and requirements for success. So far, there is nothing that I wish I had known. However, I was very persistent in researching and meeting with many key people to ask specific questions about campus life, course time requirements and additional information that one would need to know to ensure success as a student there.


After having completed high school and becoming a parent at the age of 19, I honestly do wish I knew what I know now about how much hard work and determination is needed in school from the days of middle school until graduating high school. Those are the important years that as a person we develop and form who we become for the rest of our lives. I was an average student then, but even though I finished high school and had i known how the amount of hard work to put in I would have done so much better.


I wish I had known how crazy the schedules are. I have classes 8 hours a day 5,6,sometimes 7 days a week. Sometimes I get classes from 5pm-5am 4 hour break then go back from 9am-1pm. It gets so hectic and stressful. I also wished I had known how hard it was going to find funding for my school. So many banks don't have private student loans for my school. 2 banks has recently dropped our school for funding which has me searching for scholarships.


That all the hard work of finding financing and off campus housing was well worth it. I wish I would have made the commitment early, instead of attending a community college and wasting a year of time.


I just begun going to school here for my bachelors, but at the time while I was attending another school for my associates I wish I knew how to study better for test. I didn't do as well for test until me and my classmates began doing study sessions with one another.


I wish I would have known how difficult it would be to get a school loan.


I wish I would have known that financial aid was readily available; for people as myself as a college student. Without financial aid, I would not be able to attend college. I still strive to find other grants and scholarships inside the state of Florida and nationally.

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