Fullerton College Top Questions

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It is brand new. Grant money has made a beautiful campus that anyone can be proud of.


Our school is unique becuase it offers so many different technical skills and certifications that you won't find in abundance at other schools. Our school is able to provide something to everyone whether or not they are looking to get a degree. It's comforting to know I can get my degree and a certificate but they don't have to be in the same field. It makes it easier to showcase myself with the wide array of offerings.


One thing I like about my school is that I've taken several preparatory courses for my major, courses I would have otherwise taken at my college of choice. Those courses were significantly cheaper than the corresponding courses at four year universities. Additionally, our professors are very good, so I'm confident that I've recieved a good education.


My school is unique because it cares about pushing its students. The goal for most students attending is to transfer to another university after 2 years. At Fullerton College, students will have the opportunity to decide what they will become in the future.


The campus is big enough to provide the real University "feel" and provides a calm and easy enviornment to sit anywhere and study. Students will also provide help to anyone in need, and that's what makes a campus well known.


I feel at Fullerton they make it a nice transition from high school to a university. The teachers are very good about informing the students about all the facilities and centers the school has to offer. I started at a University straight out of high school and was completely overwhelmed so my soph year decided to go to Fullerton College and now that I have been to the college I feel more educated about the process of Colleges and Universities and am ready and prepared to head back to the University scene.