Fullerton College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Lack of night classes and online classes. For working students who are trying to work and school fulltime it is tough.


Right now I would consider the worst thing about our school is all the construction that is going on. It makes it really hard to deal with parking my car since the lots are being used to re-route the students and where they can park is very limited now. The construction also makes it hard to focus in classes with the noise level coming in past windows that are shut. It's not a very conducive learning environment right now.


The only thing that would be bad at my school is parking. There are so many students and although there are a lot of parking lots there never seems to be a parking space available when you need it.


This one's hard. I've had a good, rewarding experience at Fullerton College. Maybe the effects of the budget cuts? For example, the library's hours have been reduced, so sometimes that's inconvenient, I guess. But those cuts affected all schools, so really I have no complaints.


The admissions and records office is almost unequivocally the worst aspect of Fullerton College. Its bureaucratic inertia, haughty heavy-handedness, and foolish sense of its power makes the A&R a terrible department to approach. The dean, committee, and staff members deciding such matters as prerequisite clearances and grade changes appear uninformed of school and state policies but are unfortunately unaware of their ignorance and instead believe students to be both unintelligent and sly.