Fullerton College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Attend if you are looking to start your college career and transfer.


A person that is committed to education and patient should attend this school. Because this school does not have too many professors to teach certain courses, a student would have to eventually wait for another semester to take the course that would fit his or her schedule. It is not easy having to compete against other students sometimes to take classes at a college due to insufficient number of classes and professors, but it is a school filled with opportunities and education for your needs.


I believe that anybody could attend this school. It is affordable and has a friendly enviroment. I do believe that if you can afford to go to a university, you should. There are many students trying to enroll in this school and many are stuggling to get a set of classes every semester.


any type of person would feel more than welcome at this school, we are number 1 in the state for fine arts and number 3 in the state for theatre arts


Any and all persons looking for a chance to further their education should attend this school. This school is not just for those wanting to transfer, or even those looking for a two year degree. This school is for anyone who is eager lo learn and eager to make something more of their life. This is school that welcomes people from all walks of life and does its best to help them achieve their goal. If this sounds like you, then this school is for you.


Any individual can attend school as long as they are committed to their education. Not only must the individual focus on his or her studies, but must also focus on extracurricular activities such as community services, volunteering, and sports. In this way, the student can be seem as an outgoing individual who is able to manage the their time.


People who need a stepping stone before attending a full-time university should consider Fullerton College. Because it is a community school, the tuition fees are much cheaper than at regular colleges, and the classes can variably be very good to mediocre. Students, as in any other school, should be focused on academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, and self-edification, and choose classes wisely so as to be able to transfer within a reasonable amount of time (2 years).


Anybody interested in getting an AA degree.