Fullerton College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not like smaller campus and desires a full experience of fraternities or sororities.


Students that tink that they can just grab the classes that they want and breeze through them. You will not always get into the class that you are trying to get into or have the time to finish the class. Students that can not manage their time will not make it at this school. Students that can not come together on group projects will fail their courses. The students that do not devote their time to study will not get through their classes and can not hope to get anywhere in life.


I believe that someone who is not self-motivated and a self-starter would not be a good match for this school. While being a community college, many people seem to have the misconception that it is not as serious as perhaps a four-year school might be. However, I find the courses very stimulating and the teachers amazing. However, I can see where some students slip through the crack and stay at a two-year school for many years and do not seem to move closer to either transfer or graduation.


Everyone is welcome to attend Fullerton College, regardless if it's a recently graduated 18 year old student, or a 40 year old mother returning to school. The only kind of person that should'nt attend this school is anyone that isn't ready. Sometimes things come up that are more important than school at the time, and other paths must be taken. When the chance strikes again for a higher level of education, it must be taken seriously. Just like anything else in life, when the college step is ready to be taken, commitment is a necessity.