Gainesville State College Top Questions

Describe the students at Gainesville State College.


My psychology major peers are energetic, determined, outgoing students who are passionate about the field.


Gainesville State College is a community college with a diversity of people. Students include parents, children, young adults, teenagers, and even high school students involved in dual enrollment. I enjoy being a student here because although the school is increasing in size, teachers are always readily available to offer extra help.


Funny, interesting, diverse, and serious about their studies. I have a wide range of ages in all of my classes and they all benefit from one another. The older students can help guide and advise the younger students. The younger students help keep the older students informed about the trials of young adults which helps the older studetns relate .


My classmates at Gainesville State College are students who are glad to have fun with their classmates while also buckling down to get to a better place.


My classmates are friendly people.


My classmates are a lot like my high school's students. It's very laid baick at Gainesville College.


Our school has many social classes and even though that is, everyone here is still very concentrated on their area of study. There is not that many distractions, and many are very willing to learn. Everyone strives to learn so to pass. No one wants to fail.


They are all willing to learn and appreciate other people's opinions.


They are all much young than I am!


My classmates are young, engaged, intellegent, and active in the classroom.