Gainesville State College Top Questions

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It is a place for people who care about their education while balancing personal life.


My current college offers dance lessons and study abroad, which other colleges did not. I have taken advantage of both opportunities and plan on continuing that path.


Gainesville State is located on a beautiful nature preserve. Not only that the small size of the school allows the faculty to pay special attention to you. They are very interested in helping you succeed.


I believe Gainesville State College in unique compared to other schools becasue it is not a big school and does not have a whole lot of students. It is a better teacher studnet rasio. It is also unique with some of the teacher becasue some of them are very unique and unexpecting.


i view it like a preperatory school, in the sense that most people go there in order to transfer out to a school that is more substantial in their field of study. Also the environment is very unique.


It is significantly cheaper than any other school I considered, and I can take the same classes here and have them transferred to whichever University I choose to transfer to. The classrooms are much smaller (all of my classes contain less than 30 people) than most colleges, and all of my teachers are willing to help any student just as much as in high school.


Gainesville state college is unique than other schools because it offers a variety of workshops for people around the community to take. These workshops vary in types, from how to be a better test taker to career related.


It was the closest option for me and the tuition was the most affordable. After being laid off from my job in September, I qualified for a federal program that will assist me in going back to school. This school was an approved school for the program, so things really fell into place for me.


This school is a community and a commuter college. There is no on campus housing. There also doesn't seem to be any extra-curricular activities. Virtually nothing happens.


It has a strong disability department and accepts students with learning disabilities. When I made a low grade the teacher suggested that I request a quiet room and she would send the future tests to the disabilities office where there would be less distactions.


I chose Gainesville State College because I knew the transition from high school to college would have been greater than I could have expected. Many high school teachers do prepare their students for the world beyond high school, but it all depends on the student. With Gainesville being a smaller college, teachers are able to help their students as much as possible more than the bigger colleges and/or universities. Fewer students to one teacher helps with the adjustment of satisfying certain assignments; therefore, students are more capable of receiving their maximun potential with the grade system.