Gainesville State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


All types of students should attend this school. This school welcomes all students that want to get a higher education. I am considered a non-traditional student and I have had a few hard times, but I love this school.


A person that shouldn't go to GSC is someone who isn't accepting of students from different walks of life.


A person looking for an exciting life in which they will meet tons of interesting people filled with drive and determination to become something and escape from the corporate wasteland that is Oakwood should definitely not attend this school.


Any kind of person could attend this shool. Gainsville State is a college for anyone and everyone as long as you prepare yourself for you classes, and do all that is expected of you. This school is made for anyone who puts their mind to it and wants to learn.


Anyone who isn't serious about getting an education. It is important to attend every class and work diligently not goofing off like in high school.


I believe anyone should attend this school. Teachers have made my adjustments easier and I am learning more and more from them. There are people that achieve their maximum grade potential with bigger universities; that situation would be completely understandable. There is no one college someone should attend. Bigger isn't always better, just depends on the person. If someone did attend Gainesville State College, I believe their decision would not be regretted due to the close relationships that could be made. Gainesville is a smaller college than most, but gives the students a greater understanding of the subjects offered.


The kind of person who should not attend Gainesville State College are people who are there to get their degree and leave. Gainesville State College has smaller classes than Universities. The Student and Teacher relationship is extremly strong and more personal. At Gainesville State College you are not just another number for statistics. The teacher there are there to help you learn and have a great experience. If you do not care for this then Gainesville State College may not be for you.