Gainesville State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Never underestimate the value of friends. Don't rely on just your family and girlfriend to get you through your two years of community college. You’re going to need more than just them. I know it’s going to be hard, and right now, you’re comfortable, but college is coming faster than you think. You need friends to help you through it. You’re life is going to fall apart and you’re going to want friends there to tell you it’s all going to work out and mean it. When it does work out you will want people there to share in the joy with you! I know you think you can do this all on your own, but you, and I, can’t. Trust me, I would know. After all, I’m you. You will need to make new friends and get involved. Don’t settle for the mundane! Get out and do stuff! Join an organization, start a study group! Besides that, get off your lazy rear and start filling out some scholarship applications! College isn’t going to pay for itself, even though you’d like it to! With all your love, you.


I would tell myself to not over-extend yourself. Work less hours for less burnout.


I would tell myself to have faith in and believe in myself; i'm smarter than I give myself credit for. When I was a senior I didn't believe I was smart enough for college, so I waited until I was in my twenties to enroll. I have learned that I am so much smart than I give myself credit for. College has opened up so many doors for me but it has also given me the opportunity to find a belief and self worth in myself. College requires alot of hard work and determination but it can be so rewarding; not only has it helped me to brighten my future by providing new possibilities but it has helped me to learn to have faith in my own thoughts and beliefs and given me the courage to express them.


Being a high school senior is an overwhelming time in life. It is important to research colleges that best fit your needs. Reality sets in and the fear of failure also kicks in. Relying on college advisors, parents, and family friends who are in the same field of interest, ease this important time in life. Choosing a college was very overwhelming because I felt I needed to have my life’s plan set in stone. I attended and graduated culinary school with honors. Through this experience, I learned the importance of time. I decided to go back to school for nursing because I want to help others. These experiences helped me gain the insight that no matter where life takes you, you can easily adapt to the situation at hand. This made me realize that starting college allowed me to explore a variety of career paths. The only thing stopping me from dreaming bigger was my fears. The most important piece of advice I would tell my high school self is although life’s obstacles may seem too gigantic to overcome, family and life situations will help you discover who you are and what career you would like to pursue.


Senior year of high school is filled with challenges, dreams, and big goals. If I could go back, I would reiterate to myself a few important objectives to remember when starting college such as mental stability, finances, and furthermore the importance of time management. First and foremost, mental stability is the key to starting college. Every student has to prepare themselves for an emotional roller coaster. Starting at the top of the roller coaster, full of excitment, continued all the way to the drop, feeling a rush of fear as the roller coaster drops hundreds of feet. Furthermore, I would have to enthusiastically express how expensive a degree can become. Americans now owe more than eight hundred and seventy billion dollars in student loans. Finally, the importance of time management, taking an anatomy test with the feeling of sheer exhaustion needs to stop before college. If I could have went back and rehearsed these points with myself, I'm sure I would have started the college experience a little differently.


Looking back at myself as a high school senior, I would give myself advice that would better prepare me for the real world. In reality, the brand of jeans you wear or what clique you eat lunch with doesn’t decide who is going to be successful in life. Instead, your grades, ambition, and attitude towards life have a great impact on your future success. I would tell myself to not worry about impressing other people or trying to fit in, but to worry about being me. Too many high school kids get caught up in the materialistic things in life, the things that do not have any “real” value. The best thing any high school seniors can do for themselves is focus on school and their future. Most importantly do not take what you have for granted. The time will come when you have to step up and take responsibilities for your actions, get a job to help pay bills, and work towards your own success. Your future is in your hands and now it is time for you to decide what to do with it.


SUCK IT UP!!! I know that you want to take time off from school. Don't do it. There is no time better than now to start your future. The materials are still fresh in your mind. Ok, so you won't be able to lay by the pool everyday. You still have the weekends. Besides, too much sun is not good for you anyway. What is good for you is an education. Four short years to build the best life possible for you. You will meet new and interesting people. Expand your knowledge of different cultures. Change your mind about stereotypes that were put in place when you were too young to think for yourself. Meet adults that will guide you in broadening your knowledge as far as education and socially. You will learn to be a critical thinker, sympathetic, caring, giving, empathetic, powerful and strong individual. Because this is all you. Sink or swim time. The more you put into it the more you get out of it. So, take a deep breath and dive into the college experience. The education will be awesome, but the total experience will open your eyes to the world around you. GO!!!


I would tell myself to focus on my grades more and not to let peer pressure and bullies bother me so much. I would let myself know that my grades and exrtacurricular activites help with getting into school and having better jobs. I would advise myself to pay more attention in class, and not to starting feeling myself so much because I'm making good grades. An "A" is a great grade to have but a "A+" is even better. I would talk to myself and make the teenage me aware that friends aren't forever all the time. I think I would just sit down with myself and tell myself in the 10th grade to stop what I was doing because I was only hurting myself and my mother. I would tell the 11th grade me that I'm so proud of how I got my act together and pulled my grades up and to continue the hard work. Lastly, I would let myself know that college is not as hard as people try to make it out to be, you just have to apply yourself and everything will be great.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to not stress out to the point of getting burnt out before high school was even over. Take a step back and enjoy the time you have left. Doing so will lead you to enjoy the next few years more and make it easier for you to achieve your goals. Just let yourself live your life.


Making the transition from high school to college will be hard. Remember that nothing worth having comes easy, and that by doing this, you are accomplishing something so great. You have to just go for it and stay committed. There will be many times where you lose your focus or have a hard time finding you motivation, but that is okay. The most important thing is to never get down on yourself or stop trying. Even if you just do the core classes (which I know nobody loves) it will get you one step closer to where you want to end up. I have changed my major multiple times, experimented with different clubs and groups, and have failed some classes miserably. Each mistake I have made has helped me to grow and become more of the person I am today. Try out different electives and really think about what you are passionate about. Once you find your passion, figure out a way to make that into your career and study that. Doing what you love will make your college transition a breeze and keep you motivated. Motivation is defiantly the key to success when it comes to life.


If I could go back in time and tell something to the highschool version of myself, it would be manage your time wisely. Set up a "to do list" if necassary to stay on track. Fit in the hours needed for scholastics. Also, I would say think practically when choosing majors, but dont sell yourself short. With a sense of determination and the ability to self monitor and be disciplined, success is at the tip of your fingers.


John, this is your future self...listen closely. What I am about to tell you is very important. Your future depends on what you do right now. I know you're tempted to spend you're last year of school relaxing, hanging out, and enjoying your new found freedom, but listen! There will be time for that later. Now is the time to prepare! From here on out you have to be one step ahead. You're new motto must be "I will be PROACTIVE". Set your sights on where you want to go and what you want to do. Do the footwork to find out where your passions and career goals meet. Now is not the time to be indecisive. Find out what lays ahead on your path. There are many variables to consider. You would do well now to find out what is required of you and begin the work. Do not settle and do not compromise. Set your goals and standards high. Follow those that are headed in the same direction. Hang with the winners. Be good to all people, but do not fall in with those lacking ambition. Time moves faster than you think. Keep up!


Going back in time would benefit be greatly knowing what I know now. Looking back into my senior year of high school I have a lot of regrets. Being two months away from graduation and thinking it would be acceptable to drop out to make a life for myself at eighteen years old, I was very wrong. I would tell myself this is a mistake, if you really want to take the hard way of making a life for you this is the right path. Otherwise, I can honestly say at this point I am extremely glad that I did drop out. It made me work harder to get to the college path, and it really helped me realize what I do want to be when I 'grow up'. College is the greatest thing I ever chose to do for my family and I. Reguardless of when I chose to go, I feel the time I decided it was right was the best way to go. Although like I said quitting at the end of my senior year was a mistake, who is to say I would be going to college now and not just working a dead end job


Serena, As hard as it may seem do not listen to anyone, for you are the only one who has to live your life. Go to school even though you may feel you are not good at it, and fully enjoy a full college experience when life is a little more kind to you. You can only live your life once, try and live like there is no tomorrow and that every day will be your last. If you get help take it, and don't be afraid at going after all you want in life. Education is the key for so much future success.


if i could go back in time I would advise my past self to use an agenda and/or a calender, to set up a more defined homework schedule. Get my gpa up as high as possible before leaving highschool. Talk to a decent advisor about your inteded field of study and make sure it's correct before leaving highschool. Explore scholarship oppurtunities before enrolling. Begin investing immediatly to get ahead of the game. I would also tell my past self to enroll in as many extra curriculars as possible. The most important thing i would tell my past self is to chose the right people to hang out with. The people you surround yourself with will influence your future just as much as your grades and other academics.


I have learned the ways of college and how to handle my studies, the first few semesters were hard on me because I was not ready to take on the challenge. At my college you take the same classes in your first two years that you would take at a larger university for more than half the price.


Although I am still enrolled in college, I have already gotten so much out of the experience. College has been far more than I expected it to be. I've lived a sheltered life, one where I wasn't exposed to too much. Attending college has opened my eyes to what life has to offer, to what I could become. College provides endless possibilities to fulfill one's dreams, whatever they may be. My dream of helping people in the medical feild has made me want to become a pharmacy technician. Although my college is relatively small compared to most, it offers a great education which has made me want to learn more and expand my knowledge. I have met people from all walks of life, from different places that travel far to attend my college. My education is more precious to me than a new pair of shoes, or a brand new dress. College is so much more than just teachers and books and pens and calculators: college is a place where every day teachers are adding to the knowledge that will help you become whatever your dreams desire. My college is exactly that, MY college.


I have gotten a lot of life skills out of my college experience. It is valuable for me to attend because I know that, in the future, I'll need a higher degree than just a high school diploma. College has been an interesting experience for me. I had some problems at the beginning, but took some time off and then got my priorities together and now I am very excited and motivated to go to school and get my diploma.


I have gotten alot out of my college experience such as education, friends, and new experiences. The education at Gainesville Sate College has great porrforser and fun classes. The friends I have made at school will problely become life time friends and I have met all of them in my classes. There are many online classes that are possilbe to take witch I have had to do becasue I have a two year old son who I have no one to watch for me while I go to school now, so I take many online classes witch have been hard to get sometimes. It is valuable to attend beacsue you can get a good education and still have time for family and frineds. It is valuable to me beacsue I know that it is helping me make a better life for myslef and my son. I want my son to be proud of me and school is allowing that to happen.


The first college I attended was three hours from my hometown but the best thing there was all the new friends I made. I had some new real good friends at that college but missed all the old ones. Now that i am back at home I get to see some of the friends from my old college sometimes though. They will drive to my hometown sometimes and I also go and see them sometimes.


College has given me more than just an education. College has and continues to help me better myself to become a contributing member of this country. I have learned not only about my area of studies, but the people I learn with, the amazing teachers who help me push myself, and the desire to continue learning. I have meet people from every area of life all with the central goal of getting a college education. I have witnessed the sacrafices these people have made to be where they are. Some right out of high school and others that have not been in a classroom for more than fourty years. I belive the main point of all that I have experience in college is that if a person is willing to work hard, they can accomplish anything.


If I could sum up my college experience in a few sentences I'd have to say that I have gotten more than I could ever ask for out of it and I thank God every day for it. I have made some of the best friends anyone could ask for and learned lessons such as: how I should never listen to anyone who tells me I can't do something, how persistence will always triumph over "impossible", and how setting goals can push me further than I would've ever imagined. Due to college I will carry these lessons with me throughout the rest of my life and will rest assured that my determination will get me to where I want to be.


Hey you! Congrats to making it this far! High school has been a rough journey for you, but well worth the ride, huh? Here you are, a completely different person coming out than you were coming in. You've finally broken out of the mold you tried to contort yourself into for so long. You've finally embraced that individuality of yours! High five for that one! But hey, you think you know yourself now?! Once you enter college, your eyelids will be peeled back to aspects of your individuality you've never seen before. Every attribute you're proud of will be challenged: are you REALLY as self-moivated, intelligent, artistic, and creative as you think you are? There will be people like this ALL around you, and you will have to decide what makes you unique. Don't let it hinder your growth as an individual, though. These experiences make you - they will challenge you, but strengthen each characteristic. I don't want to sound cliche because I know you hate that, but be yourself and be proud of who that is.


I was not the best student in highschool as I could have been. I do regret that now, but if it was not for that i would not have met the people I know now. But if i did have to travel back in time and tell myself any advice, it would be work harder and study better on things. If I would have done that I would be in a better school and in a two year community college.


I would tell myself to hold on and things will eventually fall into place. Not to get discouraged and fall behind everything happens for a reason and college is one of those things that those people who really want it get it and they actually finish what they start as opposed to people who get things handed to them. Hard work always pays off in the end and you will always reap what you sow. Work hard and you will have what you dream about.


If I could go back to give myself as a high school senior advice on college life, I would tell myself to maintain good study habits because even though you have a certain class every other day you won't have as many grades as you do in high school. The need to study is so your GPA will stay above a 3.0 which will allow you to maintain your H.O.P.E. Also, arriving on time is always key to anything in life. If you arrive early to the campus to find parking you will ensure yourself a parking spot to be able to have enough time to walk to be able to get to class on time.


I would recommened not take college algbera your first sesemter of college unless you are very good at math. I would recommened to pick a college away from your hometown. I would reccomened to get in involved with club and your campus.


If I had the chance to go back in time to when I was a HS senior I would tell myself, "Johnny I'm you from the future and I am here to let you know, don?t allow yourself to get badly influenced by the people around especially from those so called friends. Follow your heart and mind and make your own decisions. Don't let those negative people around you prevent you from achieving academic success. If you don't listen to me now and focus more on your studies, it will be tougher but not impossible for you to succeed academically when you get to college."


I would have told myself to work harder at studying and keeping my grades up. Now that I am in college it is hard for me to get into the habit of study everyday. In high school i got away with not studying and just getting by on my tests and in class. In college you have to study to do well and you have to pay attention to everything in class.You have study everything not just things that the professors go over in class but everything that is in chapter you are studying. College is completly different than high school and it is better to get into the habit early of studying and making sure you keep up with everything in class instead of just trying to squeak by.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would speak as my mother did to me. Of course, no one wants to listen to their parents at that age. "Lauren, you need to focus on school, making good grades! Leave those boys alone, you have plenty of time for that later." I was too worried about my popularity and who my boyfriend was. I didnt pay attention in class or even do my homework very often. Luckily I graduated with grades that weren't too shabby. In college, it was hard to adjust and HAVE to study for things, and HAVE to do my homework, and all of it without being told to or checked up on. Of course, I didnt leave the boys alone either, finding myself pregnant the first year out of high school and having to drop out of college. Now I am going back to school and wish I could have changed it all, and listened to the words my mother said. I would tell someone the same thing now, if I could change the outcome of their life.


The biggest advice I would give myself is to learn how to study better. The teachers in this school expect that you study at least 2 hours a night and in high school I don't think I ever studied. Learning to study is one of the hardest things I have had to do since graduating high school. Also, I would tell myself to be more social. College life is fun regardless of your social status but having friends to walk to class with would make me enjoy going to school much more. Lastly, I would tell myself to continue to have the amazing organization skills I have. That has probably helped me the most in the transition to college.


I would absolutely tell myself to do whatever it takes to go to college right away. As an adult, I have always had a hard time finding good paying jobs because I did not have a degree. My past jobs have mostly been in the retail industry, not a very well-paying industry to work in. I have never been able to save much money or live a comfortable lifestyle, and I feel things could have been so very different if I went to college right after high school. Returning as an adult is very difficult. It's now been 16 years since I graduated high school, and I don't quite remember as much as I used to. Not to mention how awkward it is to be the oldest student in all of my classes. I feel I've missed out on having the "college experience" at the right age. Now I'm married with other responsibilities and I can't be the active, outgoing and involved student I was in high school or could have been 16 years ago, had I gone to college right away. It's just not worth it to wait.


Play the game. While grades are considered important, you won't notice that they actually are important until you're trying to get money for college. In High School it's merely assumed that you'll get in to a fantastic school. This is a lie. Unlike High School, college will provide you with useful information and you will actually want to attend. I know, it sounds crazy but it's true. Please, see your future at Gainesville State College and how depressing it is to live at home. Play the game and get good grades so you can attend an exciting school.


If i could go back in time to my senior year, i would prepare myself more by letting myself grow up. Going to college takes a lot out of you, especiallly with all the studying and homework. You are on your own a lot more, the teachers are there to teach you and it is your responsibility to pass. Also save all the money you can, becasue you will need it time college comes. Also i would have joined more organizations so that i would be more influenced by other minds and know more people. Other then that just be yourself and you will do fine.


Wake Up!! Don't sleep in class! If you only try you could carry a B average and qualify for the Hope Scholarship. College is very expensive without the Hope Schiolarship. If you get behind in college it is almost impossible to catch up. The first time you start to struggle go for help.


If I could go back to myself in high school, I would make the same decision. I thought the transition from a small private high school to a small college near home would be easy, and it was. I would make my decision based on the same reasons. I would also tell myself to study harder, especially during those first couple of years, and to take advantage of on-campus tutors when necessary. College is very different from high school in some ways, but in other ways it's exactly the same. You don't have all that drama in college, but the work load is basically the same (and in some classes, you hardly have to do any outside work). I'm very glad that I made the decision to go to college, and especially to start my journey at GSC. It has proven to be very beneficial towards my career goal, and to me personally. I would recommened GSC to anyone, especially those looking for a smooth, easy high school to college transition.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first tell myself that SAT scores do play a lot in your acceptance in college. Then, if scores were accepted to a college or university, attend as early possible. True friends will always be there for you, so there would be no need to have that as an excuse to not attend early; your future now is a major circumstance that should be well prepared for. Then after deciding this, I would advise myself to talk to an advisor at the college or university to prepare me for the classes I would need to take to complete my degree. I believe if I had known these steps, my transition would have definitely been smoother and less stressful.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school student, I would tell myself to continue with school now. I would tell myself how hard it will be if I wait, and how long I put off going back to school. How things in life like children and work keep you from college. I would tell myself how much easier it would be to get an education before I started my family. I would tell myself how wonderful college is, and how much of a learning exsperience it really is. It has taught me a lot about myself as a person. I would tell myself to not to stress over what I was leaving behind to go to school because what I would find would be better than what I was leaving behind. I would tell myself It is not to hard and I can do it if I just believe in myself. I would tell myself college is not about learning facts, but about learning how to distinguish fact from fiction. How to think on your on and make your own mind up based on facts.


As a High School senior, I decided to go out of state to attend College of Charleston. I had a great year, joined a soroity and clubs, and made a lot of friends. Due to the economy, my family suffered with our buisness and I had to move back home and attend a school in Georgia. I did not have enough credits to go to UGA so I am taking classes at GSC until I can transfer. I wish I considered my options more thouroughly before deciding to go out of state because the transition was very hard. If I thought about my future with studies and life rather than escaping high school, I could have started out in a school in Georgia instead of having to leave in the middle of my college experience. The work was difficult in the beginning because I did not expect as much reading and I was interested in branching out. It is important to organize your time. Prcrastination does not work out for the better, it just causes stress. Also, scheduling classes seemed to work best for me having back to back classes finishing earlier to have afternoons off to get work done.


The worst thing a person can do is to underestimate their abilities and not give themselves credit where it is due. A good GPA can propel one further than he or she can imagine and is the key to academic success. In college anything is possible, you just have to be determined to better yourself and resilient to the stumbling blocks that life inconveniently lays on your pathway to scholastic success.


If I could go back and tell myself anything as a high school senior, I would tell myself to get prepared. College is not like high school so do not treat college like high school. College is not to be taken lightly. Also, studying is extremly important. In high school, there really was no studying, in college is is all you do. You should study atleast 3 hours a week for each class. Online classes are also extremly hard. They are not an easy way out as many people think. They require even more time than regular campus classes because you have to make up for no having any class time. Time managment and seriousness is key when entering college. Nothing comes before school. College is the number one priority. High school was fun, especially senior year, but now this is college and it is a little less fun and more work and seriousness. It is extremly easy to bring down your GPA but not so easy to bring it back up. You should always work hard no matter what and put school work first.