Gainesville State College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The help. Help is avalible but sometimes it is hard to get expasaly from a few of the teachers. If your teacher is on of those that doesn't help then the best place to go is the ACTT center where you can get help from tuotues and things but even then they are hard to talk to.


Not knowing exactly what classes to take


That if you don't go to school full time or have 12 credit hours each semester you do't qualify for the HOPE scholarship and if you degree isn't a technical degree then you don't qualify for the HOPE grant. I have applied for every scholarship that I qualify for but I still have no help paying for school and the tuition goes up ever year for fee's that they decide to add on.


Getting back into school would be the most frustrating. I came here in 2005 for a semester and then quit because I was pregnant. Its hard to go back to homework, tests, quizes, and attending class everyday.


When you are trying to contact the school via phone, you hardly ever get anyone to answer!


The most frustrating thing about Gainesville State College for me is trasfering. It may not be the College's fault but the transfer process into a University can be frustrating. The credit hours transfer different for each different school. Because of this I have decided to stay at Gainesville State College to receive my 4-year degree in Education, since the do offer some 4-year programs at Ganiesville.