Gainesville State College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Gainesville State College is a smaller school. This assures you as a student that you will always have the right education or help that you need. The teachers here will go out of the way to help you earn the best grade you deserve. You will never have to struggle knowing that each and every person is on your side.


Small class size and engaged preofessors. The campus has a community feel and everyone is very friendly. The campus has a diverse student population. The ethnicity and the age of students is very diverse. The staff in every aspect is friendly and ooutgoing. I have had wonderful academic and financial aid advising during my time at Gainesville State College. The college has several degree programs that are currently offered and they are expanding the degree programs every year. The school will be combined with North Georgia College in the fall which will allow more campuses and degree programs.


My professors that really care about me. I love the challenges that are placed before me, but my professors really care about me and my future. If they feel like I can do better that I put forward they let me know and they push me to do my best. If something is going on with me or I'm having a bad day they let me know that they care. I love the feeling that I get at my school I feel like they are here to help me with anything and everything that I strive for.


Some of the best things about my college i am going to attend is that it is close to home, alot of my friends are attending there, and I have heard alot of good things about the teachers. While being close to home i will still be able to see my family. I also want have to drive a long way to see all of my old friends. I can also make friends with my teachers. Some of my friends have had made good relationships with their teachers.


The amount of help i can recieve if i need it, because some classes have concepts that may be difficult to understand without delving deeper into the subject, and some teachers are unable to do that in the amount of time that they are given.


Gainesville is a great place to take core classes and work towards an Associate's Degree before transferring to another college for a Bachelor's. This is beneficial because it allows one to both save money and become accustomed to a college setting but with smaller classes. It allows one to experience the responsibility and self-motivation of college, with the small classroom and teacher support of high school.


The best thing about Gainesville State Collegeis the size, which provides great teacher/student relationships. Since the classrooms are much more smaller than other colleges, it gives the student an appropriate amount of time to get the help you need.