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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As a thirty-seven year old single mother of 4 children, I am part of the growing number of “adult learners” returning to school. The fresh faces of high school graduates are now mingled among the older, wiser faces of their parents returning to school. Consequently, my college experience is not focused on the awesome feeling of freedom and excitement of dorm life but rather the satisfaction and self-worth that continuing education has given me. As a divorced parent, my desire to further my education and advance in my career of nursing was fueled by the drive to overcome presented obstacles. I received my BSN and am currently accepted into the CRNA program at Wolford College. The online RN-BSN program afforded me the flexibility needed to juggle my family, work, and studies more effectively. My pursuit of higher education has provided valuable experiences to myself as well as my children. From my scholastic achievements, we have learned triumph over tribulations, rewards of hard work, and most importantly the value of teamwork as a family. That alone is the most valuable experience returning to college has provided for myself and my family.