Gallaudet University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Gallaudet University is Deaf school in the world.


Strongly cultural yet lacking in promise for its students.


My school is wonferful school, it teaches me about myself and my deafness. It taught me to love myself and I learn so much about me and my culture. It not like school, it more like home. I'm around with people who love me for me and i learn something from them. Gallaudet is wonderful place. It opened door for me and expand my mind about myself and other.


Many old buildings, new green turf football field, dorms, park lot buildings, and some fields.


Gallaudet University is for deaf students but they do accepted hearing people if they want to be an interperter. Gallaudet University have many values history inside because it's only one deaf univerity in the whole world. It's like a small community in Gallaudet University, almost everyone know each others and we felt like we are like sister/brothers to each others. It's a great school for everyone, we have our own culture in this university. I can't really explained, you have to be here and see it for yourself. From there, you will understand. Just come!


Gallaudet University have deep potentials to be an excellent school where it will get alot of respects from the public. However, majority of students seem not dedicated themselves by not put deep emphasize on academics because they largely focus on social life with countless of partyings. However, Gallaudet is doing much better to curbing students' partying habits and slowly restore Gallaudet to earn the respects from the mainstream.