Gallaudet University Top Questions

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Students associated in any way with Speech Science: Prepare to go up against a wave of resentment. You can either stay and fight, try to change minds and attitudes about what it means to be a culturally sensitive SLP or audiologist, or mentally disengage by shrugging and saying, "whatever. Not my problem." The rest of the student body will expect the latter.


Gallaudet University is the only college for the Deaf and hard of Hearing in the world.


It is a school that specializes in educating the deaf and hard of hearing


Whats unique about my school is that there are communication access which everyone can communicate without having a hard time. And Gallaudet University talks about the deaf world and why we should be proud to be deaf. The deaf community is very involved with what the students need.


Everyone at Gallaudet comes from different background ethics, but there is only one that keeps us on a similar ground-our deafness. It is what makes us feel comfortable, home, and sense of belongness. I cannot imagine a world without an university like Gallaudet.