Gallaudet University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Worst is a strong word, hence, there is nothing "worst thing" about my school. I would say the fact that it is in DC was not so convincing at first but after attending the school- I discovered that DC has so much oporrunities for the students. This turned into a good thing.


The worst thing about Gallaudet University : cost of education. The cost of education is expensive as compared to another colleges in USA. You are able to request assistance to cover the tuition such as FAFSA, scholarships, and grants. Approximately, 80 % undergraduate students would be able to have some kind of assistance with financial aid.


I would consider the food here as one of the worst qualities, dorms as well.


The only worst thing I could think of is there's a lot of parties every weekend. You shouldn't have any problem if you could manage and balance your times, and that you should try to resist ever going to the parties. If you do party, please limit yourself to a drink or two.


The worst thing about my school would be the immaturity that the students portray.


The worse thing about Gallaudet is that it has the potential to be something better, but there is a lack of strong relationships between departments. General Studies programs combine two different departments and tend to rely more on one subject than the other, and the classes provided are very impractical and only benefit a small percentage of students on campus. There are more and more undecided freshman who come because the school is the only thing available to them to be able to explore their culture. It's unfortunate that the school does not do more for them academically.


There's nothing that I can say about Gallaudet, I mean it not perfect but I wouldn't say the wrost.


The dorms are the worst places to live on campus. They are old and outdated, they need to be renovated into the modern dorms.


i know some deaf students dont go to gallaudet university because of the majors they dont have.. i think it would be nice if this school offers more majors so more deaf or hard of hearing students could come to this school.


I would consider the worst thing is apathetic atmosphere. Nobody really wants to do anything. Many buildings are deteriorating. The quality of classes are okay, not top-notch. not many activities for non-greeks.


The worst thing about this school is the discrimination against hearing undergraduates despite their ability to sign. Feels very unelcoming and I dread going back each semester.


I will say cafe, dorm and money. Cafe tastes soo AWFUL, it was so irony that their food come from Bontique. It does not make sense. The Dorm seem uncomfortable for students to sleep there, it's tough for them to do well in school. I have noticed that many students always left school because of money. this school does not provided many scholarship as much as students get, they were very frustated because some of them wanted to be suceed in school to get their degree. I do not like to see that how finanical can do that.