Gallaudet University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students who care about their education more than their social life.


Anyone with an interest in the deaf culture or deaf community.


DEAF pride people


typically Deaf or hard of hearing students, and of course those hearing students who grew up with their first language as american sign language because their parents are deaf, or students who know american sign language and want to pursue a carreer in interpreting.


Any person who is Dear HardOfHearing, or those who want to have a career that has to do anything with deaf adults or children.


People who want to find their identity as a Deaf person or communication accessibility for deaf students.


If you're going to attend Gallaudet, be prepared for a party atmosphere pretty often. Some schoolwork gets done, but this is very much a fun-loving, drinking crowd. If you're especially studious, you probably shouldn't be at Gallaudet anyway, because the academics just aren't that rigorous. But anyone who was raised deaf or hard of hearing in a mainstreamed environment should definitely come to Gallaudet and experience everything a deaf school has to offer.


Honestly, anyone. You don't absolutely HAVE to be Deaf. Hearing folks do attend this University too, to major in interpreting and/or to teach ASL. There's no specific criteria that needs to be met - I guess an unspoken rule here is that you should be friendly, outgoing, and at least know a bit of sign language. Many people come through Gallaudet and never leave the same--no matter who they are, they're impacted at least slightly by Gallaudet.