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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have received a lot of advices as I graduated high school and to be Gallaudet University bound.. and a lot of them turned out to be great. However, there was one advice that I never received and I kinda wish I did. The advice is to, "do more of what you enjoy the most".. .. I loved working on random video edits, filming, and creating any form of media.. However, I only did most of them for the class assignments.. and it took me full three years in college before I realized I should continue to do that outside of the classroom but wtih my own projects with no "grade" to "worry" about. It turned out that my work was better, and more infulential. That made an impact in my classrom work, as well. My profitilo had gotten thicker with my own outside-of-the-classroom work, as well. That is the advice I wish I had gotten.


The advice that I would give to myself is not to limit myself to what I can do. And, search out for scholarships that would assist with the expenses to complete my education. I would beed to get involved in different kind of activities that would enhance my resume as I prepare to graduate. Also, do not be afraid to step out to explore my interests and passion. The college education is there for me to explore about what my passion and desires to accomplish.


I think about this all the time. What if I could go back in time and give my senior in high school self some advice? There are so many things that I would want to say. “Do NOT make the mistake of eating at that Chinese restaurant downtown; you will get the worst food poisoning ever!” “Don’t take the job at the retail store the manager is crazy!!” “The best friend of your life will be Leigha and you will meet her your second year of college she will be amazing and give you amazing support for your aspirations!” Those are just some of the things I would tell myself but most importantly I would say “Kristen, believe in yourself. No one knows what you are truly capable of but yourself and doubt is just a surefire way to watch yourself fail. You know that you want to be a successful opera singer one day, so do it. Go for it all the way.” Maybe she will listen and maybe she won’t but at least she will have a seed planted in her that will help her to success.


The advice I would give out is to make sure to not rush throughout your high school years. But, you should prepare and start taking things seriously once you start thinking of or applying to colleges/universities. I also would advise people to be true to themselves and try to reach their goals without letting the barriers get in the way. Not only that, every one of us should explore life and what it has to offer us. Do not take any thing for granted but just go out and discover things. Lastly, do well in school as the GPA is really important for many things in the future. We all also should have financial aid, budget plan, scholarships and such things ready before you go to a higher level in school. To conclude this all, I believe that college will really open your mind and mark an highlight in your life.


If I could go back and talk to my senior self I would only have a few things to say. First of all, pay attention in your senior chemistry class as much as possible and don't act like it is a blow off class. Once you get to your anatomy and physiology class your freshman year of college, you need basic chemistry knowledge and it really sucks when you don't have that knowledge because you coasted through that chem class your senior year. Second, you were not prepared for college style papers while in highschool, they are tough. So just watch out for that one. I would also say, be wary of those college boys. You thought highschool boys were bad? College fellers are just looking to go out to the bars everynight, and trust me, that isn't going to be your style in college. I would also say not to worry too much about it being completely different. College is enjoyable if you work hard and attend class. DO NOT BLOW OFF CLASSES! IT DOES NOT END WELL IN THE GRADEBOOK IN COLLEGE! Good Luck!


I learned a lot about diversity of ethics and personal growth.


Through my college experience I have not achieved much it has been chaos deciding what I would like to pursue, what my interests are, and what is going to be neeeded down the road. I started out majoring in business, and ill be honest I was being lazy and did not want to take some of the harder classes. I then changed my major to Early childhood education, that was going well until I found out that one of my co workers at Red Robin was a fifth grade teacher. I decided I wasn't going to go to school and pay all this money to work a second job in the end anyway. So with help from my advisors, and a little time off, I have decided to pursue in the medical field. I have chosen to start out with a medical receptionist certificate and work my way up to being a medical assistant. Even though it has been hectic I have valued being in college because I know after all of my hard work I will be going somewhere where I can help others and that I will enjoy.


I got a lot of things out of college; such as friends, independent, finding yourself and more. It's so valuable to attend to this college because we're a small school, and we are close knit with each other. Everyone is there for each other. The professors are a great help! They help you with a lot of thing, like homework or just being someone that can be there for you. If you come to this college, you won't regret it as long as you can control yourself at the parties.


I have learned more than I thought I could in just the first half semester. I feel confident in my choice of career path and am ready to keep working hard to attain my degree. I have a 4.0 and plan on keeping it that way.


I received BA in Art History and Museum Studies...that is what I got out of my college. I was not able to use my major in a school setting since No Child Left Behind (NCLB) did not include art education. However, the fact that I have a BA allows me to continue my education. I received a MA in Deaf Education. I have maintained contact with my friends from college. I am a member of the alumni sorority.


In 3 months of college, I have made more friends than I made in 12 years of K-12 school. I have learned more about the real world and how to survive in it.


I had the opportunity of attending other universities but there is one thing Gallaudet University has that other universities do not have. My college experience at Gallaudet University has been valuable due to the fact it has allowed me access to teachers who can sign. As a deaf student, I have been allowed full access to teachers without an interpeter by my side. I obtained the advantage of being able to speak out on my own than to speak through a 3rd party member to relay information. I was able to learn more at an accelerated pace without having to worry about having an interpeter during a meeting or during classtime. This is valuable use of my time for my college experience at Gallaudet University. I greatly appreciate my time at Gallaudet University and wish for this type of exposure to expand throughout the United States to allow me to have the same valuable resources at other universities.


My cultural experience and identity have been defined through attending this school. I would probably still be at a loss who who I am and my importance to my family and friends, if I did not attend Gallaudet. My social experiences at the school have shown me what needs to be done in the world, and my classes and college experiences have shown me how I can go about doing that. I can't really imagine myself not attending Gallaudet for my undergraduate years.


What have I gotten out of my college experience is myself. I learned alot about myself and I am ready for the world. It valuable to attend because it like home.


The most important thing I could have told myself is to follow my dreams, work hard, and most importantly, do NOT procrastinate your freshman year.


make sure do well in high school like get above 3.0 gpa


i wish i could have seeking college scholarship more


The advice i would give myself as a highschool senior would be to do the exact same thing i already have done. go to the community college to start off because its cheaper, but i would have liked to tell myself to apply for more scholarships ahead of time, i didnt know you could apply for scholarships so early, i didnt know there was so many , you just had to take the initiative to look for them and fill them out. I would tell myself to not spend as much money, dont go out to eat even though you feel like you dont have time to make a meal between work and school, but that 5 dollars here and there would save up and help pay for college. Though i have finished 2 years of college and am currently dept free, I would have loved for someone to tell me to save my money better.College may seem a lot at first, but once you get in the swing of things its not as hard an overwhelming as it feels at first, just relax, take a breath, and make sure you set your priorities, you'll get through it.


Make sure you visit the college prior to enrolling. Make sure that there is a campus setting that makes you feel at home, having a nice wide campus helps keep you from over stressing. Also an area where there are plently of new spaces to study at, that way you do not always go to the same place, its always nice to start new.


I would advise parents to make a concerted effort to accompany their child on a campus search when they start to apply for college. It is very important that parents have a comfortable feel for the surroundings and the atmosphere where their child will spend the majority of their time for the next two to four years. I think parents have more insight into the education process and are able to conduct conversations and possibly raise questions that the student might not even think about. It is important for parents to stay in touch with the student throughout the entire process, even after selection of the school. Parents are the first role model in a childs life and I dont think that their child ever stops looking to them for guidance and assistance.


Pick a college that has the major you desire and when you enroll into a college, make the best out of it, but do BALANCE both academics and social life!!!


Figure out what your priorites are about the schools you attend; do you want a social life, discover your identity, work toward a career goal or the cultural experience from the city/area the school's in? Once you narrow those down you can look at which schools meet those criteria and go from there. Also a visit to the campus is strongly suggested- an overnight visit. That way you can get a peek of what the nightlife is like, even if it's from an outsider's point of view. Also you could ask to meet with a professor and perhaps ask for a sample of a syllabus just to get a feel of what a course's expectations are like. That can make a difference for a syllabus can reveal the amount of homeworks, teaching style and rules in a classroom. Some schools are a great deal more flexible than others. Others impose more homeworks, projects or some prefer a seminar style discussion. If you're interested in an extracurricular activity, go to their offices and find out how it operates and see if you can get involved. All of those factors can help one decide.


My advice for the parents and the future students, go and visit all of the college that your child wants to go. For the students, do not be afraid to ask questions about the college that you want to go. Go and talk to some students and the professors too. Check on-line when they're having open house for students. Ask the Acedemic Advisors what kind of majors they have and what do they teach in those courses. Also, for the students, try not to think that you have to homework all the time but its not true. You will have the best time of your life. you will make a lot of friends there and they will help you through it. You wont feel left out in college, you just have to put your mind into your school work and how bad you want your degree. Your grades really matter in school and for your future. Go to college is a good idea for your next step in your life.


Visit the university/college before you decide where to attend! Make sure you know what you want to be in future, so you will be able to find which university/college to fit you the most. Check with your finanical aid to be able to pay and able to prepare ahead of time. It is not always easy to find student loan or anything that will pay you full. When you enroll university/college you pick, I strongly encourage you to participate events as much as you can to grab every opportunity to experience at university/college! Those years are only a dot of your life, grab it! Basically, make a right choice.


for students during your high school year, i suggest you to do a tour at variety of colleges you are thinking about going so you could make the right decision before going and talk about it with your counselor at high school. for parents to help kids with the price for the college and support your kids' decision what they want to do.... and mail some goodies from home so we, students, could think of our home! :-)


It is all right to make mistakes. If you are unsure with choosing right college or major for yourself, you can always change or transfer. College is all about personal growth and it is guarantee for someone to discover a big part about themselves in their lives, goals, and future. It is important to take your time and take one semester at a time; think carefully about what you want. Don't ever feel afraid to seek for help with decision making, comfort, and future planning; everyone is available if you look for it. It is a promise, you are not alone or feel those feelings alone.


I would tell them to research on where they looking for strong degree field.


When you're choosing a college, don't think about the kind of person you are when you're in high school - think about the kind of person you would like to become. If you want to be a high-powered executive, go to a school with a good program and a lot of prestige. If you want to be an artist, go to an art school in a cultural capital. If you really just want to be Joe Sixpack, go to a public school - you'll get the best experience with all kinds of people. If you truly, sincerely want to party, go to a party school. Who knows what you'll end up like later, but you'll definitely have had the best experience of your life at a party school. College is about leaving youth behind and becoming an adult, so focus on your future, not on how you are today. You'll find that choosing the right college can make a difference in a lot of things - money, finances, romance, and happiness. Choose carefully, choose well, and choose for YOU...not for your parents. (Parents, don't choose for your kids! Let them pick.)


Visit the campus and get know the students and to research what kind of courses they offer. Sit in during class to observe teachers and talk with students.


My suggest is when you finding the right college, you should go visiting that campus and see if you like it or not. And do your research before you pick your own college. Make sure, that college is for your future and match ur major. DO NOT GO COLLEGE BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Make your own decision!


The advice i would provide is to make sure you choose what you believe will have an positive impact on you for your future.


i would strongly encourage students to experience the dorm life in order to explore what they want to do in the future. It is the only time that they can analyze their inner-self and decides for their future. Beside than dorm life, the parents should support their child's academic future by seeking which university/college will be suitable for their career choice. Sometimes their child will be in a stage where they will feel frustration of parents making decisions for them, but do make sure to include them into your discussions. Always talk with them and it will help with the process of choosing the best choice.




Ultimately it is up to the students to make their choice. I believe student should feel comfortable in their environment. It is not easy to look at colleges and wonder which fits person most. I think small classes are best to look at as option for college because you get more quality time with professor and be able to get more attention.


Stay overnight before you choose to attend the school, sorry parents, but allow your kids a little freedom on campus so they can get a feel for the atmosphere, the enviornment outside of the campus and whether or not they can imagine themselves there and happy in the future.


Honestly? Don't stress about it. College IS a significant change from high school, that's for sure, but if you take it all in stride, you'll do just fine. I know the advice I just presented was cliched, but it rings true. From my perspective, a parent shouldn't pressure the child to go to a specific college, but instead, have the child follow his/her heart. Also, do VISIT. It may cost money, but it'll be worth it, as first impressions do count. For new students coming into college - again, this is very cliched, but BE YOURSELF. Don't worry about impressing others. Be friendly, but don't be a "yes-man" - set your own boundaries, and be strong amid peer pressure (which, I believe, is strongest among freshmen). Feel free not to follow the crowd - if you don't like to drink, that's OK! I don't, either. It's not the end of the world. One more advice - DON'T SLEEP THROUGH YOUR CLASSES. I cannot emphasize this enough - it's addictive, tempting, and it hurts your GPA. Believe me, I know - I've been there. Best of luck, and just think CONFIDENCE.


I made one of biggest mistake by focus solely on Gallaudet University because it is only deaf university in the entire world. I realized that I could grab the opporunity to visit other universities that might provide best opporunities for me in every aspects of my life. My biggest advices for every prospective college students and their families, please keep your options open by visiting several universities or colleges before make the final decision. The decision you make on which college you want to go will probably stick with you unless you are willing to start all over by transfer to different university. In addition, always remember your true identify and don't change your own identify because someone tell you to do that because your identify will always stick with you, while peers might or might not.


Parents are to provide moral and emotional support to their children who attend colleges, though they must not encourage their children to come home often. Students must not isolate themselves in their dorm rooms, which easily results in being unhappy and unsatisified with their college experience and eventually withdraw from college without even fully experiencing it.


Just make sure it match their major. And where they will feel that they will fits in and feel safe being there if they are so far away form home.


My advice I would give parents or student about this right college about education and social, life is short. Balance is a must for students' mind to do well in school and do the physical too. I will make sure that they prepare for money then it would be not a problem for them to leave school. This school is really very expensive, I encourage them to go there for one year how they like or not. this school is one of best for deaf community and networking for career jobs that they can find the most. It help students improve who they are and being a confident in themselves as whatever they wanted to be such like a teacher or anything, its up to them. I like this school that gave me a lot of support for me to do well in school and get my degree, it will do the same thing for their daugther or son go through. this BA degree does not matter this time because they look for MA degree more specific such like deaf education or law education or anything.