Gannon University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are driven and open minded individuals who enjoy the same things as myself.


My classmates are enthusiastic, friendly, relatable as well as willing to learn and interact with you both inside and outside of the classroom.


My classmates are all very friendly and driven to succeed.


My classmates at Gannon are engaged and friendly. The students are very interested in what they are learning and are always eager to ask questions and stay involved in the class. Also, all the classmates I have encountered are always willing to meet after class to work on an assignment or study for a test! It's very helpful when everyone is willing to work together and study. It makes the material easier to understand and you learn much more efficiently.


People who will make you laugh, see you later, and could possibly be your neighbor.


My classmates are all very inviting, amusing, outgoing, and very open to making friends and studying with one another.


Seeing how I have not had a class session yet it is hard to describe someone who I have not met. However, I have met plenty of current students outside of the collegiate field who give a great impression of what is to come. Being varied in grade levels each student poses his or her own great experiences of the university and makes myself want to be a part of it.


My classmates, the class of 2016, are people that I have grown to share my every day with. Looking back on my freshman year, they are exactly the people that I wanted to make and to share my memories with. My classmates are compassionate, goal oriented, and intellectually driven individuals. But, most importantly they are people who believe in the possibilities.




My classmates are all so different in a sense that each person is one-of-a-kind where no two people are alike making Gannon one of the best colleges to not only recieve an excellent education, but make many memories that are gaurunteed to last a lifetime.


My classmates in general really care about the people around them and they are always helpful if I ask them a question.


My classmates at Gannon University are very friendly and considerate.


My classmates are friendly and easy to talk to and they are very driven on doing well in class.


Very motivated to succeed and willing to study with or provide help for one another. Nonjudgemental and very friendly overall. Tend to socialize with everyone regardless of race or gender.


My classmates were from all over the country, as well as Canada; studying anything from Engineering, art to nursing or biology.


My classmates all seem to be fairly studious and all seem to get along pretty well as we have gotten to know eachother over the years due to the smaller size of the campus.


Overall my classmates are great people. It seems like people Gannon is such a close community and the campus is so involved that everyone is nice and generally cares about others. It is very nice. I don't think that many people going to larger schools get that same feelings. The people in my classes are for the most part nice, smart and caring people.


They are friendly good and more like helping to the freah students


My classmates at Gannon University are respectable young men and women that come from different faiths, yet adhere to high standards of ethics, community, and ambition.


My classmates are average kids who chose to come to an amazing school in order to be the best they can be.


Classmates are engaging, inquisitive and entertaining.


My classmates are a mix of students who strive to excel and those that just want to get by; there is rarely any middle ground.


Most of my classmates are hard working, personable, and most importantly fun people to interact with!


My classmates are similar, there isn't much diversity at this campus; the majority are here to learn so that is a good environment to be in.


My classmates are very nice and friendly, no one give you a hard time if you want to learn.




Very goal-oriented and friendly.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, and focused.


My classmates are very hard-working, giving, caring, enthusastic, genuine people.


Quite a few jocks here that think a bit too highly of themselves and a few too many snobby rich kids...but, there are plenty of really nice and cool kids here that will share your interests. There is a very active dowtown scene only blocks away from the campus with a very diverse number of bars ranging from hippie jam-band types to (stupid) club style hangouts! Sophmores and juniors tend to drink a little too much but once they mature a little bit, they aren't too bad!


My classmates are fun, encouraging, and helpful.


Helpful, sometimes fun, but sometimes annoying and overachieving.