Gannon University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Gannon University is best known for its slogan "Believe in the Possibilities". Every Gannon folder, piece of mail, and even our t-shirts echo this saying. It might sound cheesy to us students, but in the end it is profoundly true. In order to make something a reality, one must first believe it is possible, and that is what Gannon does: it believes in its students, and in return, we believe in our school. That is the kind of positive energy that makes people proud to be Gannon Knights. We care about eachother, and that makes anything possible.


It is known for being a well rounded school that is very dedicated to being active in the community.


Gannon University is best known for there criminal justice program because of the instructors and teachings within the course, there Bio program is one of the best in the state and there volleyball team because they are D2


A solid foundation of education with emphasis on ethics and religion.


Small class size, good interactions with the teachers


It is a prestigious school with a great environment. It provides the best education with a religious backgroud. All students are required to take at least one sacred scripture class, which provides a strong basic education in theology. Some students, such as myself, wish to continue their religious education. This school provides the best education in Erie, PA with a highly valued degree.


They are known for their connection between college and the Catholic religion. They are also known for their outstanding science programs


Gannon is best known for the numerous Health Science programs it has available for students which is actually what drew me to this school.


Medical programs.


Gannon is best known for their health science professions. Gannon has physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, physician assistant, radiology, pre-med, pre-pharmacy, respiratory care, biology, and sport and exercise science. Gannon University is well known and respected for their health professions and sciences.


It's on Lake Erie and it gets very snowy. It's known for being a Catholic university right in downtown Erie.


The great Patient Stimulation Center that we have for our health science majors as well as our 2009-1010 women's basketball champions(ranked in the top 3 in the nation.)


Gannon is best known for its engineering program.


Gannon has a lot of students attending for careers in health professions


My school is best known for nursing and pre-med majors. This is a partial negative for me, being a chemistry major, as there aren't as many class times available for my major.


My school is best known for being a Catholic University in the hearth of Erie.


Gannon is best know for is medical programs.


Greek Life


Strong Catholic Values


The School of Nerseing


It is best known for its health science programs. They actually just built a new building we will be moving into in the spring 2009 and it is very excitiing. It has all new labs and an assimulation center for practicing on clients.


Gannon University is best known for its Catholic background. The school is referred to as Northwestern Pennsylvania's Premier Catholic Institution. Gannon's also know for its downtown location in Erie. The school is situated in the heart of Erie, just off of Lake Erie.