Gannon University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


If you would like to invest money in college to earn knowledge than Gannon University the one where should invest. After you graduate, you will feel you have earned precious thing in your life that you would find nowhere other than at Gannon.


Gannon University has many collaborations with businesses and colleges which provides its students with optimal job prospectives as well as experience training in prospective fields.


The thing I like the most about Gannon is the small class size and the professionality of the professors. I really enjoy my professors and they are always there to help when I need help with the material or with the homework.


Ganno is perfect for me. I wanted to go to a small, catholic university in Erie. I also play volleyball, as Gannon has a great athletic program as well. Gannon is also growing and renovating many of its buildings, making it a very modern campus. The close-knit community on campus makes everyone feel right at home! I like my small class sizes, professors, and multiple opportunities to get involved.


I talk about the health science programs, and all the interesting classes I get to take as a physician assistant student.


I would brag that Gannon is a small school. Its good because you can make friends and have individual interactions with the teachers. That is key because at large university teachers don't interact with students because of the large population. Another reason why i would brag is because of the diversity at Gannon. Gannon has a wide variety of different cultures which makes your stay all the better. Also due to the diversity you can also understand different ways of life and make better friendships.


It is in the center of Erie and close to events, activities and fun.


The rooms. The dorms are really nice even if the school is a tyranical and orwellian dictator who breaks the law.


All my friends from high school go to other colleges, mainly Edinboro. They wanted me to attend to, but I had my mind made up for me the minute I attended a summer program Gannon does for all high school students. I tell them how wonderful the teachers are and how easy the classes are. I also brag about the stature that Gannon has. Edinboro is a college anyone can get into, while Gannon is one of the best colleges in Erie. They are so well know that people from around the world are attending Gannon.


When I tell my friends from home about my university, I brag about my professors. A lot of my friends who are at other universities in my state have professors who consider them a number and it makes communication extremely difficult. I'm able to have an exceptionally better learning experience because my teachers are excellent. Our university has a low student to faculty ratio, allowing the teachers to get to know each of their students on a personal level. When I have problems with a paper, project, or lab, my professors have no problem helping me at any time.


I brag that the beach is only two blocks from my dorm/apartment. I brag that the campus is the perfect size where you will always see someone you know and yet there is always someone new to meet. I tell them how big our dorms/apartments are and how nice the facilities are. I tell them how the professors work one on one with you to help you succeed. Gannon University is in the heart of the city, so everything is within walking distance. It is a beautiful campus that I love and wouldn't trade for the world.


Gannon prepares you for the career path that you intend to take after you graduate with a degree. The faculty makes sure that you are able to handle the work load that you are trying to complete and do not allow you to get overwhelmed by a class or a group of classes. Most advisors are able to tell when a student will not be able to handle the workload and offer to set them up with a tutor before they even begin a class. The staff of the university is very friendly and helpful when it comes to problems.


I brag about obtaining my Master of science degree in Occupational Therapy in 5 years. I was accepted as an incoming freshman to complete the 5 year program.


The great faculty that we have and the challenging classes that make you a better student. Also, the amount of extracurricular activities that Gannon hosts, so there's always something to do and new people to meet!


I tell my friends that it is a very friendly and open place filled with good people and staff that care about the students.


I love to tell my friends that my school has an excellent nursing program. When people ask me why I chose Gannon instead of a closer school, I tell them I fell in love with the nursing program. Gannon was one of the most amazing programs I found during my college search.


I brag about how the teachers care so much about their students. Gannon University is a great school that employs people who genuinely care about the students from the professors all the way down to the janitors and the people who work in the cafeteria. Everyone there is an asset in helping you to get the best education and the best educational experience that you can get.


Our school has numerous programs that are only offered in very few colleges around the United States, such as being one of the only schools that offer a 5 year doctorate program for Physicians Assistant, as well as having numerous other accrediated medically related majors. Gannon has teachers that are wanting and willing to help students out, which also is due to the small class size and number of classes that each teacher teaches.


I like to say that Erie is the perfect city for me when it comes to obtaining an education. Everything is within walking distance, including the Bayfront. I like to tell my friends about my sorority life and that I never in my life expected to have any sort of leadership position within the Greek System, and now I find myself being the Member-At-Large, which is a huge responsibility that I am willing to fulfill.


Gannon University is well known for their sciences. Most of the students who come here already have a career in mind and are wanting to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. Since the school is Catholic many of the students are as well, making the school lean more towards the religous and conservative side. I feel that the school in not necessarily lacking in anything it just needs a little work to make it better. The social life is about the same as well. Cliques are easily formed and greek life seems to take over.


How Gannon is a wonderful school for the education majors. I have learned so much through their program. It has a high rate of job finding in this field. The weather in Erie is always changing. It is beautiful in the fall with all of the trees. In the winter there tends to be a lot of snow. The spring and summer are truely amazing with the lake just ten minutes away. Gannon is the right choice for me and if anyone asks about this school I tell them that I would never go anywhere else.