Gannon University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part is the fact that our school is so small. You have a lot less options as far as classes, teachers, living, and dining. It would be nice to have more than 2 options for class times. I also get tired of only being able to eat at one dining hall.


I do not have anything bad to say about Gannon


I do not care specifically for the quality of life in downtown Erie. I have heard that it can be sketch but honestly it's all about how aware one is and being smart. It's only a sketch situation if you let it get to that point.


The worst thing i consider about my school would have to be that it is right in the city so there is alot of noise and people coming throughout the campus.


People need to be willing to branch out of their social groups. Don't be afraid to say hi and meet someone new. Students can be involved in multiple groups and organizations and that needs to be emphasized so students are willing to branch out of their groups.


The worst thing about Gannon University in my eyes would be walking from class to class in the frigid cold, although, the walkways are always paved and kept clear!


There isn't any thing bad about Gannon. I love Gannon and my experience here has been fantastic so far.


The worst thing about Gannon University is the location. The summers are wonderful and the beach access is very enjoyable. However, the winters are horrendous. Because of Lake Erie, the winters are very intense and cold. Snow is measured in feet and not in inches here, and the wind is so strong sometimes that you can't even see. One of my jobs is babysitting in the mornings before classes and the snow sometimes makes it hard and dangerous to drive to work. One positive aspect of Gannon is that it is small and the buildings are close together.


The worst things about my school is the high cost of tuition, room and board, and such applicable fees.


Some professors are awful


The worst thing about my school would be the hours of operation on the campus buildings. Because the amount of students here is not very large (about 4,000 undergrad and 2,000 graduate students) the campus does not see as many students at 'odd' hours so there are set hours for buildings. The weather is also difficult to deal with in the winter time.


I would have to say there is nothing so bad or horrific about Gannon. The one thing that I would think is a disadvantage is the meal plan situation for food. They have specific rules about the meals and when you can have food. I do not agree with the plan because we are paying such money and can not eat more than 3 times a day. In addition, you can only get a max of two things when you go. They also do not refund you the meals you did not use so in the end your wasting money.


The worst thing is probably the work load. The classes require a lot of work at home thus any full time student will find that he/she has no free time at all. Moreover, taking more than 12-13 credits a semester would be really tough.


The worst thing about Gannon is simply that I had hoped to go to a more accredited and rigorous institution. This one was the most affordable and seemed rational to attend considering I plan on also going to a graduate school and will need solid financial footing to do so.


Gannon is located in downtown Erie where there has been a history of crime and Gannon also has it's share of partying, as do most schools.


Very harsh winter season. Social life is mostly based around being in a frat.


i don't know what the worst thing about my school would be. i would have to say that i was surprised at how many parties they have going on during the weekends, and pretty much any time. that is one thing that is not so great. but the worst thing would probably be that if you go right outside of the campus you are not in the best area to be walking alone. sometimes it can even be kind of intimidating.


The worst thing about this school is the cost. Unless someone gets scholarships or grants, he or she should plan to take out loans that they must pay back.


I believe that more focus needs to be taken on student living, especially for incoming freshman in the fall. I know many people that had several roommate problems and I feel that student living should make a stronger attempt to ask more in depth questions for rooming assignments to avoid these potential problems.




The location is probably the worst. It is surrounded by a pretty bad section of town.


The freshman dorms are very strict. You must sign people of the opposite gender up to the dorm room, and they must leave for the night by 11. Every night, the RA's come around, checking on the students, making sure no one is drinking or doing illegal drugs. "Lights Out" in the dorms is very restrictive. Freshman often have to be back early, so they don't get in trouble with the RA's.


There isn't alot to do socially which leaves no excuse for not studying. It is diverse but there are definately more females than males. If you are willing to trade the "college experience" for a good education, then enroll now. If not, enroll at a State school. You don't feel safe leaving campus so you are stuck in your dorm room alot with nothing to do except study or watch tv.


To be honest there aren't that many bad things about Gannon. I wish that Gannon enrolled more students because it seems like there aren't that many people who go here. I believe there are about 6,000 undergrads that attend Gannon. That might be the perfect amount for some people but I was looking for something a little bigger. I hate to say it, but it almost feels like a high-school at times because everyone seems to know each other. Other than that small thing I've enjoyed myself here at Gannon a lot.


The worst thing about Gannon is the surrounding Erie community. The surrounding community is very close to the poverty level and can be dangerous. Every year around November and December there are reports of students being attacked, mugged, or robbed. The community is not safe, but I believe that Gannon does a very good job of trying to protect the students and they plan well for emergencies.


Some housing building need renovated. On campus and surrounding area needs better security.


To spread out


Due to the fact that you walk everywhere and there is a different academic building on each block it gets hard to walk to class when there is 5 feet of snow. Which being right on Lake Erie, we get a lot of snow. The buildings, including housing, are getting run down.


There really is not a campus. The school is built within downtown Erie, PA.


The area surrounding the campus is not very safe but as long as you stay on the campus and dont walk alone at night, you'll be fine!