Gannon University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Gannon University is an excellent place for students looking for a positive learning environment. The smaller teacher to student ratios allow students to receive the guidence they need to succeeed in their future carreers. It is a place of cultural diversity and acceptance that knows how to cultivate a healthy social environment for its students. Anyone can find something to enjoy on campus: from sports and greek life, to religious affiliations and community service clubs, there is truely something for everyone. If you are hardworking and ready to learn, come to Gannon and Believe in The Possibilities!


Someone who is serious about his or her education and willing to live in downtown Erie.


Gannon University attracts students who know what they want to do in their future careers with a large focus on the health sciences. Students that should attent this school should be focused, driven and organized.


A fun, academically driven student will enjoy Gannon's many opportunities. It is a small, urban campus located in the heart of Erie. Someone who enjoys small class sizes and a fun atmosphere will like Gannon's family feel.


I think that any type of person should attend this school. It is very well organized and even though it is a catholic school they are open to all religions.


Gannon is a great school for health sciences, so if that is a person's interest, it is a great school to attend. The student must be dedicated and hard working for these majors, but it is worth it.


any person can attend this school, there is a lot ethnicites here


This univeristy is well diversed school. This school makes a person well-rounded. This university makes a student schedule classes outside of his or her major, such as philosophy and fine arts. Gannon University wants their students to succeed, so they help their students in any way that they can. A person who wants to succeed in life and make life long friends should attend Gannon University. A person who wants to get invovled with the community should attend Gannon University. Any person would be proud to be an alumni of Gannon University.


People of every race, personality, and background attend Gannon. It is a school for people of every kind, and it makes the University very diverse and interesting. Our Univeristy appeals to many different kinds of people, just because Gannon is a catholic college does not mean that it is only for those of a catholic background. As a Sophomore at Gannon, I can say that there is not necessarily one kind of person that should attend the school, but rather hundreds of kinds of different, and intelligent groups of people.


Gannon University is the perfect place for anybody who likes diversity, small class sizes, and a lot of social events. Almost every weekend there is something somewhere going on. The city atmosphere provides nearby access to a lot of different food places, stores, other places of entertainment. Plus with your Gannon ID you are able to ride the city bus for free, to open even more opportunities to get out and enjoy the city.


Anyone who wants to get a serious education, anyone who is young and who is still trying to figure out who they are or where they belong in the stages of life should attend Gannon University. Anyone who has a dream, belief, and the willpower to make a difference in furthering their education despite the negative comments from their peers should attend Gannon University. It is always great when a student has a dream and then follows through in action. Believe in the possibilities is my vision as well as Gannon University's vision.


Individuals who attend this university should be focused and enthusiastic about making their dreams come true!


A person who is ready to study to a lot and loves a sunny weather. Though he/she should be ready for temperatures over 110 in the summer, and below 32 at night in the winter.


This school is accepting of all kinds of people. The school is mostly focused on medical and law studies.


Any person that is interested in a liberal arts education. It must be a person who does not have a problem with religious affiliations, but does not have to be religiously affiliated themselves. This person must also, enjoy cold weather, rain and cloudy days. Gannon has a lot to offer any kind of student, who is looking for a good education. Campus is nice, class sizes are not too big and you won't get "lost in the crowd" as they saw. The president of the University makes sure he meets all of the students.


Anyone who either has a lot of money or no money and who wants to study the science and health fields. They give out funding but only to the super poor and the school is pretty expensive.


I believe many people can enjoy being at Gannon, Mainly because it is filled with diversity and teachers that respect the students. Still people attending Gannon need to work hard and keep very organized. If they don’t do that then they could end up falling behind very quickly.


I would encourage a person who is looking for top-notch teaching, a broad range of majors, and someone who wants the best out of his/her college education to attend Gannon University. The professors are amazing, and their teaching abilities are better than most of the professors around.


The kind of student that should attend Gannon is a student that not only cares about thier future but also believes in philanthropy. The student needs to believe in the possibites and be willing to embrace the possibilites provided by Gannon. The student also should have the ability to mulit-task.


I feel anyone who is egarly ready to go back to school and futher their education should attend a college such as Gannon University. Simply because of all the many things such as art, science, sports ect. one can become exposed to within their lifetime is offered at Gannon University. If your a single parent, divorced whatever the case may be staff at Gannon University is very helpful in assisting the most important needs of those needing guidence in the most troubling times in a persons life and so for this reason one should attend Gannon University thank you.


A person who appreciates learning through his faith and focuses on creating lasting relationships.


Someone who is friendly, willing to get involved, wants to incorporate service projects into classes and club work, and hopes to make long-term friendships.


Anyone who values quality and liberal arts curriculum should attend Gannon Univerisyt


Gannon University is a private catholic university therefore those attending should be open to hearing about religion. They also need to be focused on their grades. The university is highly acedemic. The organizations on campus are very into community service so students should be willing to dedicate time to other people in the community.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who likes a smaller campus where students and teachers know you and you are not just one of the masses. Gannon is a great community and provides students and faculty with a sense of belonging and group cohesiveness if you allow it. It is also a Catholic school with a lot of spirituality, so I would not reccommend it for anyone who does not like this. Gannon can be as fun or boring as you make it, so make it fun!


A person that has to be serious about education and career.


I would recommend that all person, equally, should consider Gannon University for the Undergraduate or Graduate education. I can only speak for the Undergraduate academics, as I will be graduating in May 2010, but it was from this impetus that I chose to change my major from History (something I thought would never happen). Now, as a Philosophy major (with minors in History and Theology), I would credit the outstanding faculty for my growing desire to teach. I am proud to have attended Gannon University, and I highly recommend it to any student considering a college education.


A person who is goal oriented and wanting to do well in life. Your religious affiliation does not matter.


I think that the type of person best suited for Gannon University would be a small town conservative individual. Gannon is relatively small making it perfect for people who want to know everyone. Also it is Catholic so if a person is Catholic coming in... it would be a lot more easier to make friends. The individual would have to be career minded and willing to work in order to excel in class.


Someone who enjoys both urban and rural life, as well as someone who wants to be challenged academically.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone that enjoys small classes with the one on one attention with the city touch. Gannon is very strict with all of their policies and are flawed but they do it with good compassion and meaning. This school is very involved with its Greek Life. There are also many opportunities to become involved on campus. So you must be open, have ambition, and determination to try new things in order to enjoy this institution. Gannon is also very small so you must enjoy the high school atmosphere too.


The kind of person to attend this school should love to experience many different cultures, love participating in a lot of activities and like to walk. The campus is nice and small so you don't really need a car, you just walk everywhere.


Individuals who are out-going and open to new ideas and people are well suited for Gannon University. It is a smaller school, so there is a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people.


Someone who will fit in with all the stuck up people.