Gannon University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This school would be a good fit for someone who enjoys a direct relationship with their professor, medium to small spaced campus, and enjoys being part of the health of the environment. Someone that is in need to discover a friend that is just as weird as they are, and keep a strong relationship for the rest of their lives. Someone who will have connections as to finding a job after hey graduate college. someone who wants to discover who they are as a person.


Early in my college career I was not fully prepared for the school's challenges. You really need to be mentally prepared to work, but still be able to balance your workload with every day life. If you are not prepared to work very hard and earn your grades then you should look elsewhere for schooling.


Someone who is outgoing to make friends


The only kind of people that shouldn't attend Gannon are those who are extrememly against learning able to the bible and catholic traditions. It is a required grouping of classes, and since Gannon is a Catholic Institution there is no getting excused from those classes.


Anyone refusing to keep an open mind about religion shouldn't attend this school. Gannon is a Catholic school, although they have very open-minded policies, they do have certain requirements and restrictions that other nonaffiliated schools lack. For example, the first month of school we have "Freshmen Hours" where we have to be in our dorm rooms by 11:30 on a week night. Also, a few religious courses are requirements for graduation, such as Introduction to Sacred Scriptures.


I think Gannon does not discriminating any race students, as long as you meet their criteria, you will be in good shape attending this school.


The kind of person who shouldnt attend Gannon is one who is not hard working or focused on their life goals/ethics.


The kind of person that should not attend this school would be someone who just wants to come to college to party. Gannon is a small school where everybody knows everybody and your professors know you by name, it is awesome! Some people however, may not like it. Gannon is all about educating you in order to persure your career goals. The professors stive to make you the best student they can, they care. So if a student just wants to come to college to have a good time, this would not be the place for them.


Someone who is not culturally diverse would not feel comfortable because Erie, PA is a very much culturally diverse. We have students from Nepal all the way to Africa. Also most of the people living in Erie, PA are extremely culturally diverse. Erie has a large population of immigrants from Italy, Mexico, Ukraine, and the Middle East. A person who is not comfortable learning and interacting with other cultures would not benefit from everything Erie, PA and Gannon University has to offer.


A driven student who likes to have fun.


Someone who does not like learning and wants to go to college just to party should probably steer clear of Gannon University.


The kind of student that shouldn't attend Gannon is one that is selfish. Because Gannon believes in giving back to thier school and to the community around it. The studen't shouldn't attend Gannon if they don't plan on being involved in campus activites.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is a person that doesn't like being in a small city. Also someone that did not get a high GPA should not attend this school.


A person that should not attend this school is someone that is not goal driven and needs constant watching to make sure they are going to classes and doing their work. In order to succeed in this school you need to put your best foot forward and give everything you have in order to reach your desired goal at the end of your college career. The person who does not have a good work ethic will struggle at this school and find it hard to pull out grades that are satisfying for their major.


Someone who is looking for a smaller school that resides in a downtown city environment.


one who is not willing to work hard and study


People should not attend this school if they do not wish to take Christian education classes


A person that doesn't have the real desire to succeed should not attend Gannon. Gannon University not only requires their students to want to succeed but also requires their students to succeed in a way that is moral and ethical.


Don't attend Gannon University if all you want to do is party or go out to have a good time.. They are VERY strict about alcohol use by minors & the penalties are severe & could get you kicked out of your program. If you aren't comitted to doing well and willing to put forth the effort by studying, studying & more studying (in my case) then you will be wasting your money because you will not succeed.


Someone that doesn't plan on going to class or doing any of their coursework


I think this school is for most everyone. If you like big football games and are very into sports i would not come here.


Someone who doesn't like to be around alcohol. There are some activites that don't involve alcohol, but most social events involve alcohol. Also, if you are not sure what career you want to be in, this may not be a good school. They have excellent programs for specific careers, but you will waste a year of school if you end up changing majors because the classes you take are very specific to your major.


Someone who is not willing to be open minded and who doesnt want to work hard.


Someone who is in a lower social class and can't afford to go out all the time and do whatever the please.