Gannon University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The weather in Erie sucks, other then that I enoy Gannon.


The most fustrating thing about my school is the wireless internet. it is great that they provide it, and very necessary, but hardly ever works. The wifi is slow and always locks me out, it alos often says that the wifi is "limited" and does not let me get on the internet. It is important for me to be able to get on the internet because all of my class assignments are uploaded there. I would recommend getting an ethernet cable to hook up directly as i will be doing the same thing.


I find that the most frustrating thing about my school is there is not a lot of school spirit. The amount of students that go to the sporting events is very low and is disappointing to see. It would really be great if more students got involved and supported the school in the athletic department.


The majority of social aspects of Gannon involve Greek Life. It felt clique-y at times .


some of the teachers and the classes


The price is too much and the finaical aid office does a poor job


Paying for a meal plan as a commuter is frustrating. A semester meal plan cost is $4,900, the cheapest meal plan is $800. At home the cost of my parents groceries is $600 for 4 months (1 semester) and provides for five people. If I am living off campus, I do not need a meal plan of ANY kind. I need the basics--not a buffet! It is ironic that in gen-ed courses students are taught about financial budget management on how to save money wisely, but the school is wasting the students money on a frivolous fee.


If you try to change your major, it takes almost a whole semester for the offices to get the paperwork straightened out.


For prospective students at Gannon University, I believe the most frustrating aspect for most people is the weather. Erie gets copious amounts of snow and sometimes the city and university snow plows do not go out and plow early. When walking to class, sometimes it can get treacherous as there is lots of icy patches which need salted and snowy sidewalks which are not shoveled.


I love Gannon University so much that i moved from all the way from minnesota,but money is my main issue her.gannon university is pretty expensive and that is pretty frustrating sometimes.


To be honest I cant say that there's really anything so much as to use the term frustrating that I've experienced at Gannon University my apology.


the number of students who party during the week. Makes it difficult to study or get to sleep.


There is very little to do that doesn't involve alcholol and isn't lame on the weekends.


Living near Lake Erie requires you to walk to classes in lots of rain and snow.


The meal plans are the most frustrating thing. The amount of money given to use out of the caffateria is no where near enough to get an equivalent meal. And the food isn't that fantastic to only be giving us $5.00 to use outside of the caf. The staff is also grumpy most days which is kind of depressing when you go to get a meal and get barked at for it.


The price of food. The food options are great but the cost is crazy. That is why I do not purchase meal plans and the cost is also causing many other students to get rid of their meals plans and just go grocery shopping to cook for them selves or they go to local restaruants.


it is the middle of the city


The city sometimes doesn't get the roads around the downtown area plowed very quickly.


I would say the snow. We get a lot of snow and sometimes the sidewalks are not clear adn having to walk to school that is frustrating


There is limited parking on campus.


The program I am in is very time consuming and especially going into my senior year, I dont have much time for socializing.