Gannon University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


the opportunities that Gannon gives are great especially for their Nursing Program it helps you learn the basics and of course the hand on hand stuff that will come in very handy once you go out in the field to do you work. Not only that but they also give out other majors like business, also its a great school to focus your study in two different catagories you could major and minor in two things that you would like to do with your life.


The best thing about Gannon University are the small class sizes and personalized attention that students receive from the professors. This allows students to form relationships with faculty and have the ability to ask questions and dive deper into course material. Also, this makes it easier to help students better understand the tasks at hand.


I think the best thing about gannon is there faculty/staff and community/atmosphere. The faculty and staff are there for you when you need them and the community and atmosphere is a warm, welcoming, accepting one that you would love to be in


The best thing is how many clubs and organizations there are to be involved in. You can make the most out of your experience as you want. Gannon is also very involved in volunteer and service work which I really enjoyed.


I love the fact that my school is releivly small. That means smaller classroom and the fact that the teacher are easily contacted. Also the teacher for the most part are extremly friendly and always willing to help.


The class size is perfect! There is no more than 50 kids at the most in one class. You are not a number here, the professors actually know you by your name!


Honestly, the semester just began and I have yet to have my first class so all I can base my decision on is the administrators that I have dealt with to this point. If the rest of the school is a reflection of the administration then I am happy to be attending. Never have I received such attention and caring when applying to an institution and step by step instruction on what exactly was needed on my part was amazing. I can tell that this will be my favorite educational facility that I have attended to this point.


Non-stressful atmosphere. The campus is very small, so I do not have to trek really far to get to places.


The best thing about Gannon University is the class size. With small classes, individual attention from professors is available in and out of class. I am not embarrassed to ask questions because my classmates respect and support me as a student.


The best aspect of my school is the size and relationship with my professors. I love to walk around campus and see people I know and at times see some I do not. I am able to get to know my professors and talk to them. This is such an advantage because they know your name and work with you. They really get to know you and you know them so it really helps with conquering the course. They really try to help you succeed and if you work hard they know your trying. Relationship with your teacher is key.


Gannon is a small school and get help a lot from falculty member, and there is variety of resources you can get help academically.


I think the best thing about my school is that they make scheduling really easy and the advisors are willing to work with you on a personal, and professional level.


The best thing I consider to be about my school is the wonderful professors. They are very knowledgeable and are usually doing research in the field that they are teaching. Willing to go above and beyond to help you learn the information if you seek out their help, and also willing to help you find a tutor if you need one. They are not only great teachers, but great people as well that you can respect and get along with inside or outside of class.


What I consider to be the best thing at my school is the students, faculty and staff. Everyone here is just friendly, and real. I just feel like everyone here is themself, all the time, and everyone else is pretty okay with that. I'm not sayin everybody is friends with everyone else, I'm just saying everyone for the most part part is accepting of everyone else's beliefs, traditions, and personalities. I like that I can be myself and not have to pretend to be somebody else just to feel at home. I feel at home here.




The best thing about Gannon University is the small class sizes, because this allows my teachers to get to know me on a more personal level and therefore allows for a better education because they can focus on students individually.


The best thing about going to this school is its environment. The faculty, staff, and students are generally very friendly and caring individuals, the campus is clean and organized, yet still warm and welcoming. Everything you need is readily accessible, without the crowdedness and grime of a big city.


While attending Gannon University, I consider the best thing about my school would have to be how small the classes are and how easy it is to get in contact with the professors. I like Gannon because the students and faculty are easy to talk to and communicate with. They make you feel like you are really valued.


The small classroom sizes that gives students more one on one contact with the staff.


I love the wonderful sense of community that I get when I am on this campus. Everyone is so nice and willing to help with absolutely anything that might be concerning you. The size of the school and the location are perfect. There is enough students to not feel confined, but at the same time, its small enough that teachers and faculty know you by name.


There are several outstanding characteristics about Gannon University. Personally, I found the genuine interest in each student a major attribute. Not all students are the same, and I came to Gannon after taking three years off from school. Also, I had to plan accordingly, because I also have a son to take care of. Gannon was able to work with me and find the best classes and time schedules that would help me excel in both my personal and academic life.


I think that the activities on campus are the best thing at Gannon. There is something for everyone and it helps you to make tons of good friends. I also feel that the college is very effective at educating the students. All the courses I have been in have taught me something that will come in handy in my future.


The area around gannon, while being a smaller city, remains culturally diverse; there are equal oppurtunities for students to participate in various ethnic celebrations (Irish, Polish, and German Festivals) as well as religious affiliations (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc.) Furthermore, the academic excellence, as well as integrity, of the faculty remains a hallmark of Gannon University. The professors, from my experience, are always glad to assist students with work, both in class as well as independent projects. As a whole, Gannon is a top-notch institution.


The best thing about our school is that everyone is considered a family. Everyone looks out for one another and only wants the best for you.


The best thing about Gannon is the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie that the students and faculty share. When you walk on campus, everyone says hello to you and it feels like home. Gannon is a friendly community of students. Students at Gannon are exciting, friendly, and outgoing and it is these qualities that make Gannon?s campus truly remarkable. That is the best part about Gannon.


I love that the campus is spread out within the city so you are not far from the action. You can easily go to the docs for lunch and be back in time for your afternoon classes. Also because it is in the city you can easily meet with employers around the area. Being a catholic university, there is ample opportunity to spiritually replenish yourself witch may be helpful when dealing with the stressors of academics.


Small classes and friendly people.


Experience of the professors within lectures


The support of the entire Gannon staff is dedicated to your success. They are there for YOUR success and not simply a paycheck, and it shows! I attended Edinboro University of PA for 2 semesters and could not have been more disappointed with that school...The teachers at Gannon are fantastic and the staff actually steps up and is helpful! It's kind of hard to mess up at Gannon, due to all the academic support that is available to you. But the classes are pretty tough and they do take time in order to pass!


The Intensity of learning and the wanting to succeed. Student want to succeed here and do well so that they can have a bright future. Gannon is a very accepting University with a diverse set of students who all get along and push for each other. Gannon also has a strong faith based community in which it encourages students advancement not only in academics but also in faith.