Gardner-Webb University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Rural, but lots of fun.


This place is truly a family; you are always surrounded by people that love and care for you.


A school that makes you feel at home.


Gardner-Webb University is a close knit, family like University, filled with students and professors looking to extend their knowledge through a strong college experience.


GWU is a beautiful campus with wonderful students and professors.


Gardner-Webb University is a Baptist College that focuses on not only the growth of the mind and furthering of education, but also on the spiritual growth of the students so that we may be able to grow closer with God as we walk the campus and become prepared for a career in the field of study we choose.


Gardner-Webb University is a place of quality education in many areas of study, and a place of integrity where students can develop the qualities that will enable them to be successful in life, whatever the future holds.


Small, religious affiliated university with strong diversity and academics.


Gardner-Webb is a small, private, Christian school that builds community among students adn encourages them to grow spiritually and academically.


It is amazing enviroment where you feel like family. You will have a close group of friends, but you will be friends with almost the whole campus. The classes a small enough that you will have more then one class with the same people. The staff and faulty are very helpful and they want you to successed at these school. Their offices hour are any time they are not in class(ok with in reason). I had amazing professors and made friendships that will last me a lifetime.


Gardner Webb University is an amazing school! Its in a small town with friendly people. The small campus allows for close intimate relationships with peers and professors. The professors really care about their students and their performance in their classes. The Christian environment is amazing.


In one sentence I would describe my school as being an expensive pair of Express jeans, because they are really pricy yet the product could last a lifetime when cared for approprietly.