Gardner-Webb University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone is very friendly. They don't shove religion down your throat. Students are fairly respectful of each other.


The classmates I have here are very friendly, and they are always there to help you when you need it. When i first started to attend this University, I was very suprised on how nice they all are. These people are the ones that will smile and wave at you even if they have no clue who you are. They always try to make sure you are involved and having fun. This has to be one of the easiest school were its not scary to talk to all these new people, and your fast to make friends.


We have a very diverse group in the class room that will be very caring, competent care givers in the future.


My classmates are all great they are nice. They make my experience great here and i look forward to makin new friends and talking to them everyday. Just simply hanging out with them.


My classmates come from many different backgrounds and have different opinions about things, but they are willing to come out of their comfort zones, are understanding, and, for the most part, care about their education.


Open minded with a typical Christen background. Mostly women but a fun, relaxed educational enviroment that teaches you what you really need to know.


My classmates are fun-loving, eager to learn, and and desire to really know our stuff.


Each classmate is very helpful and we all work as a team, even though we have never met each other personally because we are in online classes.


Most of them are very nice and willing to help or ask for help.


Various people ranging from the honor students to the athletes and adults continuing their education



My classmates are very caring, friendly, devoted to their work, and living for Jesus Christ.


Is eclectic. The biggest myth about GWU is that the student body is a homogenous mass of like-minded robots. The student body is comprised of free thinking individuals that have differing viewpoints on politics, religion, sports, etc. The two biggest divides among the student body are those between athletes and non-athletes and those between fundamentalist Christians and "less religious" students.


Christian university and that greatly increase the percentage of the student population with strong religious beliefs and a christian centered student experience. The student body often can seem divided between athletes and the religiously inclined, which can result in tension. I found the divide was greater in perception than reality and while I was not an athlete a large percentage of the students I spent most of my time with and am still in contact with are.


The student body of GWU is a microcosm of American society. GWU is a multi-national university. However, at GWU, students are not black, white, asian, etc. -- you are all GWU students. I never experienced any racial or social boundaries or issues. And, I did not come from an affluent, or wealthy, family either.


It is a diverse campus where the main focus is on learning and giving back to others. It is a Baptist University where the focus has been on faith and serving others.


This is a religious institution, thus only certain types of students seek these type universities. No racial tension has occured that I know of. Typical college attire is worn, but in earlier years, if you were a business major, you had to dress and act the role of a business owner. The four tables in the dining hall are diverse. A good mixture of all. The majority of the students are from NC.


The student body is mainly christians who like the size of GWU and what it stands for.


Students are learning to be political as they enounter the challenges of today's world. In this way, students become contributors to society here and abroad, even as they are being trained.


My classmates are a group of dedicated young adults who have the common bond of having a desire to learn and the motivation to succeed while not forgetting to enjoy life.


My classmates are all fun-loving people who enjoy life, but take school seriously, and will always lend a helping hand when needed.


My classmates are my family. Gardner-Webb isn't a large school so you get to put names with the faces you see everyday! Everyone goes above and beyond to make you feel at home; they're great.


My Classmates are diverse and exciting, with a different view of most things we encounter in class.


My classmates come from various backgrounds, but are able to get along well with others and work toward a strong, positive educational experience.


My classmates are intelligent, friendly, supportive, and intellectually stimulating; students here care about interacting in a positive way.


My classmates tend to be close-minded, outwardly friendly, somewhat intellegient, hardworking and a little judgemental; those classmates that I surround myself with are accepting and diverse, tend to not follow the rules, like to challenge the status quo, and do not stand for bias and hate.


My Classmates are very Friendly and some want to be your friends. Some can give you the brush off, but after a while they warm up to you and they may become your best friend.


We're simply a huge family :D


Very friendly and caring.