Gardner-Webb University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I'm not entirely sure, but if I had to guess, I'd probably say for its sense of community. The school itself seems to emphasize the small setting with Christian morals, so I guess that we'd be known for that. Oh and probably for the religious studies and nursing programs.


My school is best known for the sports and the great campus.


American Sign Language and the NOEL program for disabled students.


My college is best known for having good relationships with its students and religion.


Gardner Webb Univeristy is known for it's commitment to Christ in a Libral Arts setting. The school has a personal touch. It does not seem that you are just another number, but rather a human being who is worth investing in. The fact that it is a Christian school also helps to give you a Christ -Centered point of view in the field you are interested in.


Gardner-Webb University is best known for quality education and for graduating successful men and women who are prepared for their future.


My school is know for its wonderful friendly/sociable environment. Great professors is what this college is based upon and the student to teacher ratio is 13:1. Those numbers are significant because students have the liberty to talk to professors one-on-one. The different programs at this school is very accredited. This school has a wonderful Baptists foundation and the university incorporates those beliefs daily.


Beating kentuckey in basketball and the business school


Gardner-Webb University is best known for its commitment to bettering yourself spiritually, and academically to produce well-rounded individuals who will go on to make meaningful contributions to society. It accomplishes this by offering small class size, opportunities for spiritual development and community volunteer involvement. It is very focused on the overall well-being of each student. This focus results in healthy, intelligent graduates who have been given the skills and gained the vision and motivation it takes to help change the world for the better.


Being a school with wonderful professors and students and where academics is important.


Probably the nursing, business, and religion programs.


My school is best know for how much it costs to go there. It is a private baptist college and the tuition is a bit ridiculas. I am sure there are many bills to be payed to keep it looking as nice as it does but goodness gracious, we could probebly do without some of the fluff so we could shave a few dollars off of the cost. Do not get me wrong. I love Gardner-Webb and I am sure the money is worth every last cent. I just do not know where I am going to get it.


The school is best known for its small, community oriented atmosphere.


Right now, our school is best known for defeating Kentucky in a basketball game. Before no one really knew who we were. But, we are also known for our outstanding music program and our nursing program.