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The one thing that is unique about Gardner-Webb, compared to other schools is the sense of community between the students and staff. Siince it is a very small school, the classes are smaller. This means that you get more one on one time with your teachers, and you get to know your classmates very well. In bigger schools, you might have a class with three-hundred students in it, but at Gardner-Webb that same class mihgt only have around twenty five students. This aspect helps students adjust to college life, and makes the college experience a little easier.


Gardner-Webb is unique compared to the other schools I considered for many reasons. The two most important reasons to me are the type of school it is, and also the size of the school. Gardner-Webb is a Christian based university who is circlec upon Christ. I really was drawn to that because I wanted to attend a school to where I could continue developing my walk with God. I also was impressed with the size. There is a 1 to 14 teacher to student ratio. You are able to get personal with your professors.


The campus is small and the people on campus accept others as part of their family. Even though the school is not perfect in appearance, the students and staff are the heart of the school and make you feel at home there.


It is a small, private college. Therefore, the teacher to student ratio is very small and I find that the professors are easily accessed if needed. They are also very passionate about helping in any way they possibly can. The other schools I considered did not have this luxury and I have found that it plays a large role in my success to be able to speak easily with professors.


My school allows online classes and helps older adults who are working full-time to accomplish their degree.


I spent four years at GWU and created numerous friendships that will last the remainder of my life. I am very grateful to the school for helping to place me on a solid path and will be involved wit the University as long as I am able.


As an educator, I have hired many GWU students. I have also sent many students to GWU. I have NEVER heard a single person who attended GWU discount their experience.


GWU is a unique place where the individual is respected and honored. Students are supported and cared for by both faculty and administration.


Gardner-Webb students, faculty and staff volunteer their time and talents to the surrounding community through various campus wide volunteer programs. In addition to providing campus wide service programs, the office also serves as a resource center and clearinghouse for volunteer information. If a student is undecided about his/her life journey, GWU will attempt to get them on the right track. The student must be willing to take the first step.


Very nice clean campus! a place where you can feel safe to be who you are!


At Gardner-Webb one finds "people who care!"


Gardner-Webb is a very small campus, but 85{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students who attend here like it this way. Our campus is making a lot of revisions and we just broke ground for a brand new student center that will be built my Fall of 2012. Most students that I come in contact with here appear to love this place, and it is encouraging for the freshman coming in to see how well most of us truly love being here. No, this town does not have a lot going on on the weekends, but we still absolutely love it!


Gardner-Webb University is a private christian school that focuses on academics and God at the same time. With both of those in affet you are not pressured to be involved in any church related activites, it is a choice. It is a quiet peaceful school where you get your work done, socialize, and ve close to Christ al at one time.


As mentioned in the previous statement, the student to teacher ratio of 13:1, is what this school is unique for as compared to others schools. The diversity of this school is pretty much incomparable to ample schools. This school also values the opinions of their students and are always seeking a new and more effective way of attending to the studnet's needs.


I really liked the atmosphere at Gardner-Webb. The students were warm and friendly and were very helpful when I came to visit. Also, the professor truly cared about their students. They went out of their way to ensure that the knowledge and the understanding was delivered. They were available and established good relationship with the students. Overall, Gardner-Webb offered an environment which encouraged me to pursue learning to the my fullest. I am glad I chose GWU over the other schools I applied for.


Very community minded. Great atmosphere. Very friendly. Challenging yet supportive with with personal beliefs.


The emphasis on spiritual growth, the strong religion department, and the community on campus.


The family environment you make friends with professors and students alike. You come to this school thinking you will make only a few friendships and you leave with alot more. These friends are there for you as well as caring staff. I can't say enough about how much staff cares about every student.


The class size is very unique because we are a smaller school. In your major field you have around 15 people in your class if not less. The Most I have had in a class is 30 and these are the required classes you have to take to graduate.