Gardner-Webb University Top Questions

What are the academics like at Gardner-Webb University?


While it is a liberal arts school, their science and math programs are top notch. The professors are great and very knowledgeable....


The academic environment is extraordinarily intimate, as professors go out of their way to know their students on a personal level. Upper level course offerings are often limited in the small departments due to lack of resources, but the ones that are in the catalogue are taught with the utmost professional care. The very best of our students are competitive with the very best of students at "brand name" institutions.


Class size ratios are very student friendly. The professors are passionate about their subjects, and compassionate towards their students. Student failure is personal with them. Interaction among students-students and students-faculty occur on many levels. GWU is truly an academic community, not just a campus.


Professors do know the names of students and not only during when they teach them, but after the graduate and return.


The school is just large enough that professors get to know the students by name. Students study often to stay enrolled in school. You compete with yourself to be a better student and person. Complementing the academic program at Gardner-Webb University is a broad range of student life programs and activities designed to enable students to develop their personal identities and to create lifetime friendships.


Classrooms at GWU are a good size. Not small but not big where you cant get time with your professor! I actually spent most of my time in business, and sports mgmt. classes and skills i learned are still used in my work life today!


Professors invest in the lives of students. They take time to counsel in and out of the classroom. They challenge students to think, feel, and act.


Gardner-Webb is a liberal arts college that focuses on teaching its students how to think logically about a wide range of subjects and how to communicate their ideas confidently and without confusion. Gardner-Webb has 14 departments and schools including the Godbold School of Business, Communication Studies Department, The School of Education, English Department, Music and Fine Arts Department, Mathematics Department, Natural Sciences Department, The School of Nursing, The School of Psychology, Physical Education-Wellness and Sports Studies Department, Religious Studies Department, Social Sciences Department, World Languages Department and the School of Divinity. Within these departments and schools the university offers 39 majors and 45 minors.