Gardner-Webb University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Sports are a big deal as well as cultural associations.


No greek life (shocking I know). Student Activities provides lots to do on weekends, but the events are sparsely attended. GWU remains a suitcase campus. However, this has some positives as those that choose to stay on the weekends form special bonds. Drinking takes place much more frequently than is acknowledged by the University, but not in excessive binge fashion. On the whole, there is plenty to do for those who actively seek activity (being intentional is a must).


GWU is in a small town and it can seem that nothing is going on, but if you want to find something to do it is not hard. A lot of the social life exists on the periphery of campus (aka house parties). Bottom line is that if you are bored and complain you have nothing to do you simply aren't trying to find anything to do.


Athletics, intramurals, clubs, etc. all offer opportunities for GWU students to relate to each other in a variety of avenues.


Clubs, and sporting events are a focus for student life.


It is rcognized that students are not only concerned with academics, but also with what is going on in the world around them. The Office of Community Engagement houses the Service Learning & Volunteer programs and works to create opportunities for students and faculty to get involved in the surrounding community through meaningful service


GWU has a large number of sports, and clubs. Most everyone on campus is involved in something!


Besides the activities related to academia, students are involved in worship, ball games, and all that this age group enjoy doing.


The Verge is a contemporary worship service, held in Dover Theatre, on every Tuesday night. It is one of the most popular extracurricular activities on Gardner-Webb's campus. The Verge features musical groups that perform throughout the service. A special prayer time begins 45 minutes before each service; students pray for other students, the Verge service, the school, and the community. It is supported by Campus Ministries and run mainly by students. [edit]