Gardner-Webb University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I brag abut most when I tell my friends about my school is having a small number of students in my classes, especially my classes for my major. Most classes at other universities have between 50-200 students in the class. At Gardner-Webb you will not find a class that has more than 20-25 students in them. Having a small number of students gives you a better one on one attention with the professor. In classes that have a large amount of students its hard to pay attention because your attention gets distracted by the other students.


DEFINITELY the professors. The professors here are incredible; they truly care about the students, and ALL of the professors I have had thus far will do absolutely anything to help me succeed in his/her class. They are easily reachable and will usually make time outside of their office hours to sit down and help their students if they need it. They offer extra credit opportunities to help those who do not make as great grades on their exams as they need to pass the class, and are very encouraging at all times. Our Gardner-Webb professors are phenominal.


I brag about the quality of friends I have made, the small class size and the individual attention I receive and most of all I brag about all the opportunities I have to play music. I am in the Marching Band, Pep Band, Jazz Band and Symphonic Band this semester. Music is my love and I have plenty of opportunity to explore and play.


When I speak to my friends about my Garder-Webb Unversity, I like to brag that unlike some of the bigger, more well-known colleges, Gardner-Webb is able to give me the one-on-one attention that students need but still allows me to be completely responsible for my education; this makes transition to college much easier than throwing you into a very populated unversity.


I brag most about the diversity in my school and how much of a community it truly is. Students that attend Gardner-Webb look out for one another and even though you may not be friends with every person on campus, if you are ever in a hard situation and someone else is there from my school you know they will be by your side. Everyone if if you may not know them, says hello to one aother and exchange smiles. It is just a diverse and friendly enviorment to learn in.


The quality of the education and one on one with teachers


The Campus interaction is something to brag about! Even though there is not much to do in Boiling Springs, college students have gotten creative in how to enjoy living on campus. Whether it is holding a dorm fashion show on a bubble wrap runway, camping out on the quad, or building Fort Myers it is truly an interesting experience living on campus. The people here are inventive and kind and people in which you relate with. Ultimately the student body is one to proud of!


The closeness of the people on campus and those who live in the area.


My favorite thing about GWU are the people! Everyone is so nice and friendly! It's easy to make friends here!


I usually "brag" about how our religion professors or the music professors aretremendously gifted and really know there stuff. It's amazing to sit in some of the classes and just know that even though Dr. So-and-so has accomplished this, that they are quite content being in front of a classroom sharing knowledge in there particular subject area. It's great that they are so willing to instill the knowledge they have found in others.