Gardner-Webb University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Gardner-Webb University? Why?


The worst thing about Gardner-Webb is the location. I don't mind it being in the country because that's where I grew up, but there aren't really fun things to do outside of the campus. It's a nice area to live in, but as far as activities and fun things to participate in, you are out of luck.


The worst thing about Gardner-Webb is the lack of variety in the cafeteria. At my current age, I am in my prime and striving to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid the diseases and illnesses that have plagued my family. The school makes it difficult to make these decisions because there is little healthy food to choose from around campus. Beyond the salad and sandwich bar, there are few healthy options forcing students to buy their own food off campus which becomes expensive over time.


The worst thing would have to be the hours of operation for many of the dining services. There are some of the students that have night classes and by the time they are out of class there is only one resturant option.


The worst thing about attending Gardner-Webb University is the lack of school spirit and pride. You dont see people decked out in Gardner-Webb attire and not many people show up to sporting events. I feel like if more people attending sporting events, it would build a sense of spirit and community within the school.



Financial problems, Because the school is overly expensive and you don't get all the quality of it


The price. Its not as high as some others but when you grow up in lower middle class this is a litle pricey.


That it is in the middle of nowhere. You have to drive a long way just to go to a walmart, target, or nice resturant.


I don't like having to cross the road to get to class. Traffic can be heavy in a small town and hard to pull out into the road safely.


The worst thing about GWU would probably be the DRAMA that goes on around campus! It's a small school! So everyone is always into everyone elses business! The other thing would probably be the food! It's not so much that it's bad, it just gets repetitive!