Gardner-Webb University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It's great! it's like one big happy family. Their is always an opportunity to learn and talk with professors in and out of the classroom.


I love this school. The professors go the extra mile to help you out. They are not there to fail you. They truly want to see you succeed. The administration is very understanding of students like me who are coming back to college in our later years. All in all, I could not imagine going to another university.


The online undergraduate program is terrible.


GWU uses the motto, "Embrace the Experience." The experience is made memorable by the collection of people that gravitate to Gardner-Webb. The area leaves a lot to be desired at times, weekends can be somewhat depressing, our sports teams underperform, but the University is to be commended for the amount of genuine people that choose to be a part of the GWU family.


GWU is a small school and that allows you to make a big difference in whatever areas you are interested. Their is more personal interaction between the adiministration, faculty, staff and students. If you want to get to know everyone, you can.


GWU excels at providing students an atmosphere that is familial. Students are not just a number on a role, or a means for the University to pay the bills. They are valued as individuals and collectively. At GWU, students are active participants in the educational process. Students learn as much from their peers, as they do through the instruction - as an intentional part of the educational process. During both my undergraduate and graduate degree pursuits, I felt the care and personal attention that is a trademark of GWU. They not only expect your best, but insure you reach heights you probably thought you never would.


I attended GWU when it was a Junior College. The school has remained much as it was when I was a student with a unique supporting relationship between the faculty and students. Students are given individual support and encouragement. The faculty celebrates student success. The atmosphere is one of service to others not only while at GWU, but after graduation in the workplace and community. A wonderful and positive university.


Gardner-Webb University is committed to the liberal arts as the best preparation students can have for rewarding, meaningful lives. The school is just the right size for the type of instructions received. Most people looks surprised when GWU is mentioned. They've never heard of this jewel of a school in Boiling Springs, NC. In addition, the University offers programs in career-oriented fields to prepare all students for specialized work.


The best thing about GWU is the people! Everyone is very helpful and excited that you are there! If I could change one thing about GWU it would be how somtimes they cut corners on things. I think GWU's size is perfect - Not too big, but not too small either! When I lived on campus I spent most of my time in the football center, or the school weightroom! The administration seems to care about all students and want all former students to be successful. The time i spent at GWU was awesome, and the friends I made at school are things i will never forget!


Gardner-webb is a place where students are treated as persons of value. Professors are interested in the development of their intellect but also their heart. They are formed to be individuals who can contribute to the welfare of others, not just their own. There is a sensitivity about this campus that can not be captured in words but can be felt if one comes on campus.


Gardner–Webb University is home to many school-wide events. At the beginning of the school year, returning students come back a week early and act as big brothers and big sisters for the upcoming freshmen. During orientation week, students gather in their orientation groups and complete activities together. Later, these orientation groups become the freshmen student's University 111 class, a class intended to introduce students to the University and how it works. Homecoming is a time of celebration at GWU. Central to Homecoming Weekend is the parade down Main Street in Boiling Springs. The weekend is full of special meals for alumni and students. One of the most popular traditions at Gardner-Webb is centered around the Friday night before the big Homecoming game. Students virtually "destroy" campus with rolls of toilet paper. The activity that is now condoned by administration is a major part of Gardner-Webb tradition. Although some students believe that it is a waste of time and toilet paper, most enjoy and partake in this tried-and-true Homecoming event. Other popular activities include the spring formal, occasional movies on the quad (the grassy area in the center of campus), Earth Day activities, ski trips, Midterm Munchies, Beep Ball Baseball, Open-Mic Night at the coffee shop, participation in discount nights at Chick-fil-a, IHOP, Pizza Hut and Octoberfest (an event where the community and college students come together as an alternative for trick-or-treating).