Gardner-Webb University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Gardner-Webb University?


A well disciplined student with the serious ambition of having a successful college career is the kind of person that should attend Gardner-Webb University.


If you attend this school you should be able to handle living in the deep country, where there are cows and horses. You should be a outdoors person and should also be who loves a small campus and dont mind the walking everywhere but need a car especailly to find a Wal-MArt or any store off campus.


Someone who is looking for a mature, serious experience. This is not the place for unfocused party animals.


Someone who wants to be more than a number. Some one who likes a small school and a family feel. A person who likes to be able to know lots of people.


Someone who likes a small Christian school setting. I came from a very small high school and this university is the perfect size for me to be successful in.


A person should attend this school if they enjoy learning and enjoy small class sizes. He/she should come here if he/she doesn't mind a small town and if he/she likes to meet new people. He/she should come here if he/she wants to have good relationships with professors and if he/she wants to be in a friendly environment.


A Christian who is looking to further their education in a more libral setting. Gardner -Webb is for students are willing to step up and become adults, students who are ready to fulfill their roles as individuals. This school allows you to take more responsibility for yourself, rather than being forced to do something, you are highly encouraged to go out and do it yourself. It is for a student who values Christ and can stick to what they believe.


I truly believe that anyone can attend Gardner-Webb University. Yes, it is a private christian school, but there are many students that attend who are not religous in anyway. Faith plays a big part of my college so the only thing I would have to say is that you should be comfortable with religion and speaking or learning about it. As long as it does not make you feel awkward then I believe anyone of any faith and nationality can come to Gardner-Webb. People from all over the world come to my school.


Anyone that wants to obtain a great education.


Any person looking to further themselves and enhance their religeous views pertaining to christianity. Typically they are people who enjoy being around others and have a fairly up-beat personality. People at this school love the outdoors and appreciate nature; they are generally conservative and don't party every weekend; you've got to be willing to go out of the norm to enjoy yourself.