Gardner-Webb University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


While Gardner-Webb is not the school for everyone, they have always been welcoming to every person who has walked on campus. As a Baptist-associated school, there are certain rules on campus such as "no alcohol" that is enforced for protective purposes. The town Gardner-Webb is located in is a dry town and it is considered a felony to be caught with alcohol. Should a person have a lifestyle that includes alcohol, Gardner-Webb might not be the school for them.


Anyone looking for a "party" school, GWU is a great Christian college.


A person that is not diverse.


Someone who is extremely against religion shouldn't attend this school.


A person shouldn't attend this school if he/she wants to join a fraternity/sorority, or if they are into drugs and alcohol. He/she shouldn't come here if they like the big cities and dislike rural areas.


Someone who is not disciplined or ready spend the time required to really learn the material should not attend.


The type of person who should not attend this university (or any other for that matter) is someone who does not have a true interest in becoming a productive member in society. If someone is not willing to work hard and stay determined to meet their goals then they do not belong in a college atmosphere. The key to college is being serious about the decisions being made and following through with thouse ideas.


Any one, looking for a great college exsperience and a religous aspect. Anyone who wants to make friends for life.


If a person tends to party a lot, or has a different sexual orientation, most people on this campus aren't very open to other religions either. If you are either I promise it can become quite frustrating extremely fast. As a liberal Christian it concerns me that so many of our Religion majors tend to be so closed minded towards other people instead of not judging them and showing people Jesus' love.