Garrett College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Were I given the opportunity to give my highschool self a bit of advise, it would be plain and simple. "Learn all that you can!" Organized education can only go so far. A degree is great, but, in real life, practical knowlege and experience is what really counts. There is so much around us that can be learned and experienced. A person that has a true desire to learn and takes in all the knowledge that they posssibly can is guarenteed to become a useful and successful person. So, "Weather you are sitting in class, working your part-time job, making your supper, driving home, watching tv, reading a book, playing sports, or going to church...learn! There is opportunity/knowledge everywhere."


I have gotton peace of mind at school away from my chilren. also a chance to get my basic design tecniques


Through college, I have learned much about myself as a person. So often, the worlds of higher education are accused of making their students conform to a certain way of thinking. While this exists in any experience throughout life, I wouldn't find this to especially be the case with higher learning. What I have found is that college has taught me speak for myself. I have learned to express what I feel with tact and, in the right circumstances, without inhibition. College provides students with a safe, stable environment for them to test their interests, and I have found this has helped me to develop creatively. So college has been a value for me to attend because an intellectual and adventurous side of myself has been discovered that might otherwise go unnoticed. College has not given me a distaste for education, but has instead helped me realize and cherish the importance of knowledge. Through mentors in colloege, I plan on pursuing my dreams and aspirations to the fullest.


I woul tell myself not to worry so much. It is not as scary as it seems. Its an oppurtunity to meet all kinds of new peole and form new friendships. Always stay true to yourself and not to let others affect you decision making. Do what you want, and what will make you happy in the long run.