Gaston College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to pay more attention in my Language Arts class. Writing papers is not my specialty. The big thing I would really like to tell myself is not to be so shy. I didn't have very many friends in high school because I was too afraid to approach people. I always stood behind my younger brother because he is the outgoing one. However, going out on my own, I didn't have him as a crutch anymore. The first day of college I got asked to join a study group. I was able to open up and found that people do like me. I don't have to be afraid. It's really help me come out of my shell.


The first thing I would tell myself is make sure you study. College is all about studying and you can't make it especially in nursing without studying. I would also tell myself to stay focused and don't give up because nothing worth getting is ever easy. You have to work for it. When i first went to college I just couldn't do and I feel like i gave up. I would also tell myself to choose a school wisely. Don't go for something flashy or just go off to school just to get away from home. Don't try to run away from problems at home and also if you do go off to school stay at school. Don't come home every weekend. Be young and get to know people. Do some networking. There are so many things that i would tell myself because i have made so many mistakes but i feel like everything happens for a reason, to teach you a lesson and make you stronger and wiser.


I vividly remember being a senior at North Gaston High School, anxiously awaiting the day I would begin my first day at college. College seemed like such a big adventure. To me, there was a whole new world of imagination squeezed into that seven letter word, and I was more than ready to become a citizen. Due to rumors around my high school, college life was "nothing but fun, freedom, sleeping in, and excitement." I could not wait to be at a place that seemed to be so laid back and carefree. However, because of the exaggerated advice I received, I was not properly prepared for the life ahead of me. If I could go back in time, I would advise myself that I should spend lots of time studying outside the allotted time scheduled for my classes. I have learned that good grades have to be earned through a lot of effort and devotion to the class. Having one-hour classes leaves a lot of time intended to be used for studying, not for partying. I would also inform myself that being successful in college takes a lot of self-discipline that was not necessarily required in high school.


Work on my work ethic, use the library more often, pay more attention to MLA format and Works Cited pages....Money...comes and goes!!!!! and so will friends. Your high matter how strict it was...was still much more lenient than any college and/or professor will be...friends and parties are cool but making the grade is whats have to have your head in it..there is money, a transcript and a GPA at stake, you do not want to let yourself or those things down. Don' t forget to have fun and talk to family and friends often...remember that you are not alone in all the things that change between HS and College, listen to yourself and follow your heart influence is everywhere!!! Remember you are shaping your future and making a mold that others might help you make but ultimately dont have to live with so do right by yourself and always think of what will happen next when you make any decision. Think possitively and possitive things will happen.. =) p.s..dnt right a paper and IM at the same time!!!!!!