Gavilan College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are mostly lower-income students who are goal-oriented and eager to better their lives.


My classmates are much different from each other, as well as myself; there are different age groups, different ethnic backgrounds, different personalities, different personal views.


The students I attend school with provide a healthy atmosphere for me to learn. I find that most are always willing to help me or stay after class as long as I may need them. Of course, there are always those students who do not wish to participate or be there as there are in any college, but for the most part the students are there to learn and move on with their lives. I would say about ninety percent of my classmates are at Gavilan to work hard, yet they are still friendly and accomodating.


my classmates are young, old or high school students, so there is definitely a mixture.