Genesee Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students at my school are very friendly.


Last semester at Genesee Community College, I took four classes. In all of them, I had a wide variety of classmates from all ages, races, and backgrounds. GCC makes it very easy for adults to return to school, so when I decided to take nightime classes I entered a totally different college classroom setting. Also, GCC has a ton of international students, some from as far as Japan, and some from Canada. According to the website, we have students from over 19 different countries! With that being said, everyone in class brings something totally different to the class discussions.


Most of the students who attend Genesse Community College are no different than other college aged students. However, I have gotten to know the students in the physical therapy major (the same major as me) very well. They are the most determined and dedicated students I have ever met. Whenever I have gotten overwelmed with school work and I just do kno want to do it any more they are willing to take extra time and help me get through it.


Usually class sessions are pretty quiet. The other classmates do not talk much not unless the professor asks a question to the students or not unless they have a discussion topic.