Genesee Community College Top Questions

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I love Genesee Community College because tuition is reasonably priced and they have small class sizes. I get one on one time with the professor if i need it, and if they are unavailable there are tutors on site almost all the time. There are two campuses within 30 minutes of my home and it makes for an easy commute back and forth. This is especially easy because i have a daughter. If i needed daycare, the main campus has that available also if i chose to drive the 40 minutes to go there instead.


Genesse Community College is in a small town and therefore there is not a lot of students who attend. Because of this everyone knows who everyone is and everyone is friends with pretty much everyone. This makes a homey and comfortable atmosphere making waking up for class in the morning easy. It takes the stress of socializing out of college so I can concentrate on my school work and other important things.