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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and give the "high school me" some words of wisdom, there are many things I would tell myself. Highschool is when I started my downward spiral, so I guess I would start with telling myself to stop glorifying the use of drugs. I would tell myself to be more confidant, and that I do not need to hide behind my drug use. I would explain to myself, all I would loose by continuing that behavior. I would encourage myself to do better in my studies. I did not applied myself back then, and now I have a 4.0 in college; I am an honor student. I would tell myself to get it together, that one day I would have a stunning daughter that will look up to me. I would have liked to warn myself, but would I have become the same person without all of my experiences? Probably not. I am greatful for all I have been through, the good and bad. Without those experiences, I may not be the sober individual, full-time honor student, or amazing mother i am today. I am so unbelievably greatful for all i have.


Go to BOCES for the health academy. The waiting list is very long.


My advice to myself is that college is really tough, listen to the people that are giving you advice on it. You need to give time to college its no place to slack off and mess around a lot. Also stop procrastinating you will not get far in college by doing that. Remember to keep focused on your work and school never get out of fucused becasue its really hard to get focused again. That would be my advice to myself.


Most high school seniors come into their last year of school busy as can be, filling out applications for college, visiting campuses, working part-time jobs, and doing the required 12th grade coursework. However, once all the business dies down, a sudden epidemic know as ?senioritis? swipes over the population. It should be no surprise when I admit that I was inflicted with a bad case of ?senioritis.? Me, and my friends, cut our schedules down so we only had to attend school for half of the day. I would go home every day and do anything besides schoolwork! If I could go back to my senior self, I would drag my butt off of the couch and suggest possibly taking a college course or two. I would tell myself to do anything to keep my brain active. Once senior year ends, you have a couple months of summer, but then you are thrown into hectic class schedules and huge amounts of work. No person, teacher, or thing prepared me for the shock of research papers, reading assignments, and long lectures. I would tell myself to take a class while attending high school, to see what college is really like.


If I could go back in high school and give myself one piece of major advice for college it would be to not let the endless buffet of college food get the best of me. I grew up in a house where there was never junk food in the pantry. I went to college and there was always dessert, soda, ice cream, and so much to eat for dinner. I felt like I had to eat all of it and then go up for a second helping. I gained the freshmen fifteen that I was warned of. Not only this but i always took naps and never worked out. To put is short and sweet I would look myself straight in the eye and say only have one helping at meals, sweets once a week, work out everyday, and go to bed early or else you are going to get fat.


If i could go back in time i would tell myself to be more organized and to view the school fully before choosing to attend it. I would tell myself to talk to current students at the college to find out more information on how they feel about the school and ask questions what they think is most needed to bring at school. I would tell myself to be prepared for not only the college itself but to find out who your roommates are before hand. And i would tell myself to be more openminded towards difference and change becuase in college you tend to change and grow up more than you thought you would.