Geneva College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Its Christian values and people who are very conservative, home-schooled, weird people.


Again, our school is mostly known for the campus community. More than that, however, we are known for our faculty and staff and how much they care for the students. The professors I have had class with and the staff members I came into contact with are the most genuine, loving people I've ever met.


Christian Commitment and World View


For our friendlyness, It is a great place to meet people and just be encouraged by others around you.


Being a predominantly reformed liberal arts college, the "birthplace of college basketball", and our air traffic control program


The students' enthusiasm.


Birthplace of college basketball! We also are known for our friendliness and our community. It's a beautiful campus and small enough you will know mostly everyone in your year. Geneva alum tend to send their children there.


It's character