Geneva College Top Questions

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The friendly environment and they had the major I wanted which is communication disorders. I also liked the fact that my sister went here as well.


I really like the small student body. It's really nice going to a college where you can get to know a large percentage of the people on campus.


I think the student involvement is very unique. A student can almost get pluged into any office or any possilbe position they could want to be a part of, including planing activities, orientation, office work (admisions and etc.), and being teacher assitants and tutoring.


The interaction between the students and professors is highly positive and frequent. Not only in the classroom are the professors encouraging, but they often take the time to invest in students' lives outside of the academic relm. I have not found many other schools where the president and dean of academics are involved by inviting students over to their homes or teaching courses. Also, the Honors program is highly developed in order to provide cultural events and different avenues for its students.


The professors and faculty here really believe in Geneva's Mission Statement. They strive to help each student grow as a Christian, and personally invest themselves in each students success. I don't think I ever could have gotten the individual attention that I recieve at Geneva if I would have attended a state university.


It's a small town, small student-body, Christian college in Western PA, where I spent most of my childhood. It was familiar to me; I used to drive past/through the campus often when I was a kid. I'd also been told it had a good theatre program, which wasn't entirely untrue.


The community and rules are what make Geneva unique. No dancing.


Unique Christian experience


It's RP.


Geneva is a very Christian school that tolerates of use of drug or alcohol and is determined to keep a Christain atmosphere at all times.


It's character