Geneva College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Geneva College?


I brag the most about the friends I have made. I love how the community at Geneva has welcomed me in so warmly and it's widely known that most people at Geneva came because of the people they met!


So many opportunities and you wont be made fun of for being religoius and Its awesome!


I tell them that Geneva College is a very strong academic schoool and the campus is very scenic. Geneva College offers a variety of majors and the professors are always willing to help a student.


The fact that i hate it and i made a mistake by coming here.


The incredible professors and the amazing job they do integrating faith and learning.


I... don't. If I was to "brag" about anything, it would probably be about the theatre department and the friendships I gained while there. That'd literally be about it.


Probably the fact that the professors are so knowledgeable in their fields and the level of dedication and effort they put into each class, and also each student. The professors here really make you feel like you matter to them, as does your performance. It is also a smaller campus, so getting around is very easy and it leaves for a tight-knit community.


Geneva is truly a place where you can be yourself. The connections that you make there are for a lifetime. Professors are genuinely real people that care about your success too.


How I had a great experience there and met friends whom I will have forever.


I tell tham that the people are genuinely friendly, professors interact with the students alot both inside and outside of class, the school is small enough that you can know most of the students or recognize them by face or name, there is alot of dorm pride, it is a safe place, and an excellent environment to grow if you are willing.