Geneva College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


too much God stuff


The worst thing about the school is that there are not many instructors to choose from in a department. If you do not learn well from a particular instructors style of teaching, you will be stuck with them for multiple classes for the entire course of the degree. Also, there are not many options are far as food. Everyone is required to live on campus, with few exceptions, but the times from which you can buy meals are extremely limited.


The worst thing is the fact that they tend to be inconsistent in allowing exceptions to the 'no dancing' rule. Some racier dances are allowed where more traditional dances are not.


The worst thing about my school was the busy road that cut through the middle of the campus.


Nothing initially comes to mind that is particularly bad about Geneva. I suppose the worst thing would be that we are not allowed to do laundry on Sunday. A minor inconvenience.


Student activities plans nothing on weekends because nobody is here and nobody is here because nothing is planned. There is no good theater or arts center, but a fantastic music program.


Probably the price, Geneva is faily expensive for the lack of certain facilities that it has.


construction is happening because it affects how long it takes to walk to classes and the temperature of the classrooms is never right.


It is limited financially so that it can not deliver on as much as it would like. It is often limiting in my education.




Job placement


Not enough money to expand....