Geneva College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that is kind, loving and has a good heart. Even if someone is not of Christian faith, Geneva will make them feel welcomed. The person should be interested in a calm, and quiet environment that is small. Also if the person is struggling with finding themselves, Geneva will allow you to find yourself while you learn in school.


A person with a Christian worldview, particularly one who cares to develop that worldview should attend Geneva College.


Somebody who wants a lot of religous insight into their courses. You're not really required to step out of your comfort zone too much so it's pretty accomodating for anyone. Even though the school is expensive, socially it's tougher for the students who come from a very wealthy background.


Any person looking towards a career in one of the fields of study offered here should attend Geneva College.


A Conservative Christian willing to engage in moderate academic challenges, participate in extra-curricular activities, and willing to support a school that is growing to become one of the most promising Reformed institutions in the United States.


An honest and open individual looking to learn how to be helpful and useful all around. Service, theology, love, hard work is what this school is about. Don't judge on appearance. Someone who doesn't mind/can get over the rain and snow. Someone interested in learning how to be godly should go here. Don't come here if you are interested in music or the arts. we aren't very challenging or successful in that area.


The person who is serious about thier education, yet want to have fun in a secure, open and strong Christian enviroment.