Geneva College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is our committed faith to Christianity. We at Geneva take our religion and love for Jesus Christ very seriously, and believe in incorporating it within our everyday lives. At Geneva, everyone is different level in their walk with God. The professors are free and willing to speak about God in any aspect. Before class begins, the professors open up with prayer and take prayer requests from the students.


The faculty here are soo great! My advisor and teachers really care about me and spend as much time as necessary with me. It is just awsome to be able to have a good relationship with the faculty at your school.


The best thing about the University I attend is the attention I get and the help I recieve when I need it.


I consider Geneva College a cery strong acadenic school with alot of different groups of students from all over the world.


I love the friendliness about the campus. You will always see someone you know and even the professors will say hi to you!


I enjoy the community of the school the most. Walking around campus it is unlikely that you will see someone unfamiliar or someone who will not be open to saying hello or giving you a passing smile.


The friendly atomosphere. You can be very personable with people


It is a communtiy focused school with strong academics and a great student to proffessor ratio. This is a place of much learning and healthy fun.


The community, it really helps both academically and socially.


I would have to say our academic program, and just how helpful advisors and professors are.