George Fox University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


George Fox University is a conservative Christian college with a small student population and caring professors.


A community of people who care about who you really are and what you are passionate about.


George Fox University is an academic and community-minded school, where students engage in difficult world problems while learning to communicate proficiently and build strong relationships with others.


Our campus is beautiful! In the fall there are shades of yellows, oranges, and reds that I didn't even know existed. At Christmas time the whole campus is lit up with pretty lights. In the spring, campus is all bright green with splashes of color from all the flowers. It's always so pretty! If you were walking around, admiring the campus, students would at least smile and say hello as they passed if not ask if they can help direct you where you're trying to go.


George Fox is a community-oriented institution. Depending on the visitor's back ground it can be overwhelming. To have so many people genuinely care about his or her well-being. After a while though this becomes a very comforting recurrence.


George Fox is wonderful, Christ-centered, full, giving, beautiful, and it's my favorite place in the world.


We are a Christian university that strives to make everyone feel like a part of a community, to succeed in school so that they can succeed in the workplace, and to teach people how to be influential in the world.


A beautiful, strong, community that emphasizes academics, and above all, Jesus--this university has become my home.


Everyone, from the professors, students, to everyone in-between, cares for each other, not to mention that they are passionate about serving God.


Open and friendly


George Fox University strives to be a community of Christ-centered, well-educated people who will have an impact on their fields after gradutation.


Good academics, great professors, but not a place you'd want to be if you want to party on the weekends: it's a dry campus and extra-marital sexual activity is strictly verboten.


My school is a small, Christian, liberal arts University that is a good school, but I think could be better.


A christian liberal arts school where most of the people attending are not liberal, in fact, they are quite conservative.


My entire school and everyone in it feels like my family, everyone is loving and supportive and anyone will drop what they are doing to help out.


A christ centered commmunity that provides great academics.


My school is lovely, a little too conservitive, but at the same time excepting of anyone who wants to come.


A strong Christ center campus with helpful staff and a great enviorment for character building.


great baseball, basketball, and track while sticking to the school's christian conviction; makes a great place for personal rehab if you can stick it out; be aware of the over-conservativeness and stuborness the school demonstrates while furthering your owns studies; you can use some school contacts as valid real-world resources beofre graduation and can get a few steps ahead of the curve of real-world experience. I got lucky and if you push through and believe in yourself and those trusted few, then you will have the upper-hand in the competitive world